i caved

here's my new blog addy:


like ian, i couldn't bear to part with my old comments, so i started a new blog...

please update your links! :) thanks... g

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Kandukondain Kandukondain (the english title is "I Have Found It"). loosely based on jane austen's sense and sensibility. again, starring the beautiful Aishwarya Rai. have i mentioned that i totally have a crush on her???? the movie could've been like an hour shorter...but, then again, so could most other indian movies. hehe... it was enjoyable... with singing and dancing in true bollywood style. i thought it was a fun flick... but, in the second half, the subtitles didn't match the sound... yeah, it was a little unnerving... made me enjoy the second half a little less...

I ♥ Huckabees. man, that existential shit just boggles the mind... an amusing movie about an unamusing topic... i loved it... but i'm also very strange. i decided i don't like jude law as much when he's doing an american accent. what is it about accents that make him so much hotter? i don't know. regardless, lily tomlin was awesome, dustin hoffman was okay... jude was good as a pompous bastard... and i ♥ jason schwartzman. no, really. he was awesome in this flick. naomi watts' american accent was way better than jude's. but that's okay. i'll forgive him... do you hear that, jude??? i forgive you! come back to me.... uhm... yeah... heh. sorry. i'm okay now.


Beck: Guero. i know i said something about this last week... but i just heard the single, E-Pro again. FUCK ME! IT ROCKS. from the beastie boys beat in the beginning to the na-na-na'ing... this fucking single kicks so much ass! i don't even know where to begin.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Soundtrack. i really loved this movie... so listening to the soundtrack just reminds me of the movie... bliss.

Celso Machado: Mistérios do Rio Lento. collaboration between Celso Machado and another talented guitarist, Christina Azuma. their music together is just so, so beautiful...

Can't go a week without listening to drum 'n' bass... Been listening to live shows from Andy C and Concord Dawn... They always make me want to jump up and down and nod my head... oh, and smoke weed... but that's a whole other thing... :P


Ex Machina: written by Brian Vaughan (of Y: The Last Man fame). yeah.. pretty much anything Vaughan writes is gold. this is no exception.

Hunter Killer. i liked the first issue. i don't know enough about comics to really write anything here. i just liked it. yeah. so there.


in my spam inbox, the subject to one of the nice little notes was:

get the drags you need now!

wow! i didn't know that i NEEDED people to dress up in drag for me... but now that i know that, i'm replying back... and marking that shit as NOT SPAM!


my back and neck are pretty bad today... no more sex for me... and def not doggie style :P


i saw a license plate last night: LKRSROQ. no, the lakers do not rock, let alone ROQ. jeezus christ. god, why does it bug me so much? it bugs me that it bugs me. wtf...


I'M NOT IRISH. so, no, i didn't wear green. also, i do NOT OWN clothing that is suitable for work in that color. don't pinch me. god knows, i've already pinched a nerve. that's enough pinching for me. christ.

however, i will use this opportunity to drink until i puke tonight. oh, and to solicit kisses from complete strangers.

actually, i don't think we're going out... even though i've never in my life had green beer. i think we should find me some green beer. god, i've missed out on so much!


goddamned herpes. i got it from my mom. yeah. i didn't exactly mean it that way. i get stupid canker sores when i'm fighting a bug. i'm not sick, but i've gotten 2 canker sores in the span of 2 weeks... yeah. i'm fighting something awful. but thanks to airborne, i haven't gotten sick. i guess i'd prefer the canker sores over the illness... god, i love airborne.


yahoo's launchcast is pretty cool... i mean, you get to listen to shit you'd never ever normally pick up... on the downside, you also get shit like travis shitt or whatever his fucking name is. but that doesn't happen very often. and then you can put him on your "DON'T EVER PLAY AGAIN, ASSHOLES!" list.


what's up with all the prego people lately? i just don't give a fuck about people at work, so i just haven't noticed, i guess... just yesterday, i saw 4 ladies with huge, extended bellies... i swear the last time i saw them, they weren't pregnant. jeez.


is it time to go home yet? oh, scheisse. it's barely a little after 9... ah well... happy st. patrick's day... if you care.... otherwise, happy get-shit-faced day!



if i hear "in da club" one more time i'm going to go fucking postal!

dude, all of these fucking WASP-y ass women have "in da club" as their fucking ringtone.

i want to die!!!!!

and every time i have to type in "da" instead of "the" i die a little inside.

why do these fucking people think they're so goddamned hip? why???? WHY?

i knew i shouldn't have taken the other earbud out of my ear.

our family in iowa

well, minus my sister...

yeah, we all look tired, huh? anyway, there's my delinquent bro. hehe.

we have more pics, but... i'm not going to bore you and post them. :)

my thighs can't breathe!!!!

jeezus h. christ.

when i bought these jeans, they were pretty loose. right now... they are squeezing the LIFE OUT OF MY THIGHS. no, seriously.

my left leg just went numb. i knew i should've worn stretchier jeans.

now i'm going to need to stand up and get some blood back in there. stupid thighs.

yeah, i wore jeans to work today. my boss isn't in. in fact, he told me to work from home... but i would probably just get drunk and not get any work done.

damn. i should go home.

actually, the PT is really close to my work... i'm leaving at 3 anyway. i think i can suffer through a few hours of work.

last night steve took me to this restaurant called Ten. cool little place... a little too trendy to have any sort of lifespan, i think... the food is just okay, but the decor makes up for it. it's basically just japanese food.

oh, and the happy hour specials rule. $3 per plate. it was nice... the only thing that was really annoying was the back of their matchbooks. apparently, their weekend night "ultra lounge" name is... wait for it...


how fucking stupid. i hate stupid names. it's totally retardo. it's just embarrassing. i don't know. i would never call my friends and tell them to meet me at TENTATION... god. just thinking about it makes me fucking CRINGE.

at any rate, they had a lot of fruity martini drinks... might be a fun place to meet up with your friends or something... if you're into fruity martini drinks.

i did like the gigantor buddha with the changing backlights. reminded me of my cup holder lights in my car. oh, and on the way in, they have this waterfall over the walkway... okay... i don't know how to explain it... anyway, it's cool.

i had fun, though... especially after a bottle of sake. woohoo! hehe, but don't get too excited. it was a little bottle. heh. anyway, it was nice of the hubby to surprise me and take me out :) he's sweet like that... :)

anyway, it's nice to see something cool in orange county. hehe... it probably wouldn't be my scene, though... i can just picture all the 40-something year old, botoxed, blonde divorcees hovering about looking for man meat. oh, my bad. that's the yardhouse... at least TEN has good music playing in the background. after about 45 minutes at the yardhouse, i want to kill myself. i can only take so much bad classic rock.

now i'm babbling. time for me to walk around and get the blood flowing in my legs again. or eat more girl scout cookies. MMMM.

i die inside just a little bit...

every day i walk in those doors at work.


30K, baby!

i have over 30,000 hits! thanks everyone...

i feel so loved...

and i'd like to take this time to thank all the pervs looking for "bitches fucking for money" and "wild world wives" ... OH! and "moroccan bitches" because without you, i'm sure that i would have at least 10K fewer hits.

it doesn't get any more awesome than that... god bless the pervs of the world. ;P hehe.


i hate tuesdays. not as much as i hate mondays... but i hate tuesdays. wednesdays are all right because well, wednesday's hump day. and who doesn't love hump day????

and thursday's weekend warmup. and i love fridays. well, i love friday nights.

at any rate, i didn't write the last post to fish for compliments, but THANKS ANYWAY :) woohoo! compliments rock! not that steve doesn't compliment me, like, every day... but... he kind of HAS TO. i mean, isn't that in the hubby rule book? thou shalt tell your wifey that she is H-O-T every day ... forever and ever, amen?

anyway, thanks for the ego boostage, guys... ed, you're the sweetest... oh, and wayne? you are such a golddigger! i KNEW i just loved you!

i just got back from the doctor. same asshole doctor, different attitude. he was just down to business, which is fine with me, but he didn't give me the condescending attitude...

on the downside, the nurse was like, "33? 34?"
me: uhm... excuse me?
nurse: how old are you?
me: uhm... 28...
nurse: huh... i wonder where i got 33 from... i was looking at your birth year... and i was trying to do it in my head...
me: DO I LOOK 33 or 34, BEEEYACH???

okay, i didn't say that. but i wanted to. not that 33 or 34 is old. i just hate being mistaken for being older than i am. note to self: purchase nivea eye cream or whatever it is that angelina was pimping several months ago...

anyway, i'm just going to keep telling myself that it's not that i look older... she is just a moron and can't do math in her head... uhm.. yeah... that's it.

anyway, 2 more weeks of PT for me. at least i like the people at the PT's. they're nice and they're concerned about my well-being. finally... people who care... or at least care about getting paid. either way. i'll take it.

they're doing some renovations here at work... they're tearing apart the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms closest to the stairs... which wouldn't be so bad, except they've closed off the hallways on one side... so you have to walk around. yes, i am just THAT lazy.

hi-ho... hi-ho... (hi, jules! muwahahaha) back to work i go...

oh, and one more thing... why is it that i remember useless shit... like how this kid i knew in 8th grade's birthday is today... and the twins (they're boys, calm yourselves, gentlemen) birthday is the 30th of march... i mean, i haven't talked to these people in YEARS. but i can't remember what i did yesterday???

oh yeah, it must've been the wine.


i forgot to mention about iowa...

i am a hottie! that's right... i'm a fucking hottie...

my reputation precedes me, even.

uh-huh... my brother told me that one of the administrators said to him the other day, "hey, chris... i heard that your sister's HOT!" and my brother made the appropriate "ew" or "gross" comment back...

all of the boys there (the counselors... i guess i should call them "men") would hover around and talk to me and blush... i felt like i was in high school or something...

men parents were trying to flirt with me... which was kind of sad because their wives would get pissed. oh, i forgot to tell you about this one, steve. hehe... this one guy in particular would always find himself near me and kept trying to flirt with me. it was ... sad... and gross...

oh... and the boys... the boys... they all loved me... one boy in particular... and my brother told me to never talk to him again. but, he was adorable! i get the feeling that he was quite the "playah" when he was home...

so yeah... despite the fact that i'm gaining weight (i HATE dieting... and i can't exercise right now) i'm still a hottie. woohoo! of course, that's not really saying much... i mean... the boys never get to see girls... and most of the people there were moms, and not the MILF kinds... oh, or grandmas...

so yeah. fine. i'm hot compared to a bunch of old people... and these boys haven't seen a girl in months.

okay, FINE. i'm not a hottie. fuck you. heh.


got this from kim.

i can't believe it! i'm shocked by this, actually. i can't believe i'm more chick and less dick. wow.

no, really. wow.

Your Brain is 60.00% Female, 40.00% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

fucked up dreams

so, last night, i had 2 fucked up dreams.

the first was the worst... but what perplexed me was that both dreams were about water.

lots and lots of water. huge waves. just general scariness... what the fuck do they all mean?

the first dream was so bad that i woke up yelling something... steve had to wake me up... and i had to comfort myself by petting the bunny. hehe... (part of the dream had to do with the bunny getting washed out to sea or something)....

the second dream was just about water levels rising higher and higher...

my mom was in both dreams... like i didn't have enough of my mom during this trip... she's gotta show up in my dreams, too...

anyway, i'm scared of water. i hate it... and those dreams still scare me now... when i'm awake... what the fuck do they mean??? god... maybe nothing... i don't know what i was thinking about before i was dreaming, though...

i'm baaaack! (long post)

i made it back. i didn't kill my parents. and the KKK didn't get me. phew! hehe...

on the way out, the trip started out horribly. we BARELY made it out to the plane. actually, the plane waited a few minutes for us... they knew we were coming out. the lateness? that was my parents' fault... good lord, they were slow that morning...

on the way out to the plane, this woman is chasing me because i left my neck pillow at the x-ray tables at security. my neck pillow is a monkey... i LEFT MY MONKEY PILLOW!!!! anyway, that was nice of her... she could've just left it, i guess... frontier is a pretty good airline. you have to pay $5 for direct tv, but i wasn't watching, anyway. maybe i was just happy that they waited for us...

anyway, we get to denver and we've only got a few minutes to get to our gate. we run to our gate (mind you, i'm carrying my bag which i'm not supposed to do and running to the gate) and ... the flight is delayed. which in a way is good because we didn't miss our flight, but in a way was bad because i totally tweaked my back.

we wait around... my mom is trying to lecture me on real estate and money. LIKE THEY'RE ONE TO TALK!!!! jeezus christ. my parents have filed for bankruptcy TWICE. they're in no position to give me any sort of money advice. seriously. so i'm getting more and more annoyed by the second. i call steve for sympathy and what does he say???? "be nice to your parents!"


anyway, we get on the plane... they give us direct tv for free since it was their fault we were so delayed... i love the food network... i LOVE IT!!!! also, i love watching the old episodes of the love connection... why is it that these 24 year old people look SO damned old??? crazy.

we get off the plane... we start heading to the hertz counter when.... i figure out that i left my folder on the plane. this folder had not only our itineraries in it, but reservation information, directions, addresses, phone numbers... and OUR RETURN TICKETS... holy shit. i flipped out. i ran back to the gate ... i could barely breathe. i got out an "excuse me..." and the no-nonsense woman at the counter just handed me my folder... i was so fucking relieved... i got out a "thank you!" and ran back to where my parents were. they can't be left alone for more than a few minutes... they were already wandering off in some other direction when i got to them...

so, we rent the car (ford focus, baby) and start driving. i just want to GET THERE before it gets dark. it's about a 3 hour drive... but my mom gets motion sickness really easily when she doesn't eat (i get that from her, i guess) so we had to stop at an IHOP.

we get there and as soon as we sit down, i get a call from work.... i forgot to send my boss some information... *sigh* so i'm talking to the admin telling her what folders to find the info in on the laptop at work... and i'm all stressed out... because i can't remember where i kept certain files... but we found them... and all was okay...

my parents (once again) ordered WAY too much food... but my parents got a seniors discount. hehe. he's all happy to be old. :P

we get to lovely keokuk, iowa. there is... uhm... NOTHING THERE. pretty much. it's really fucking depressing. i could NEVER live there...

saw my brother. he looks good. he's not skinny like he used to be. he gained about 40 pounds in muscle. he's not all bulky... more sinewy, if you ask me. heh. except for the acne, he looks good. damn... that's some BAD ACNE. i don't remember mine being that bad. jeezus. it's bad.

he changed a lot on the outside. on the inside, he still wants to do all the shit he was into before... but just the changes on the outside were enough to give me hope for him. he actually hugged us... and even though he got frustrated at my parents, he never yelled at them. never lost his cool... a few of the times that i just about lost it, he kinda patted me on the shoulder and said, "it's okay... you don't need to be all mad... it'll be okay..." that shit made me smile... it's been so long since i have been able to talk to him... and spend time with him... he actually asked about steve and our cousins... this is a guy who thought of no one but himself... so i thought it was sweet that he was asking all these questions...

sure, he could be faking it... like, trying to show us how much he changed so we would take him home... but... whatever... i'll take what i can get...

i missed how he used to be...

after 2 days, though, i think we were all ready to get away from each other... we drove back to st. louis that night. at least it wasn't raining or snowing... it was just cold... we get to the lovely super 8 motel in bridgeton (which is right near the st. louis airport) and we head to our room. and there are all these teens milling about... being loud... pounding on doors, yelling to their friends down another wing... we were like, "WTF is this shit???" okay, *I* was like, "WTF is this shit???" my parents were more like, "what's going on?" and then we get to our room, which is like right next to these fucking brats... and the lights don't even work.

so we had to go back downstairs... and let the guy know what was going on... and he gave us a different room. we got like 3 hours of sleep and headed off to the airport in the morning.

we get to the airport... and i was just ANNOYED... everything my parents said or did made me want to scream. and THEN, i go to the restroom in the airport. when i got in there, there wasn't anyone in there. i went into the 6th out of 10 stalls... and to be honest, i was kinda constipated. these seminars are brutal. you are thirsty, starving, but you just have to SIT THERE.

so, yeah. i was having a little bit of a problem with the pooping and i'm just sitting there... and someone comes into the restroom. i have a little problem going to the restroom when there are people there, but i'm trying to not think about it. just thinking about GOING... and then... the person sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME. WHAT THE FUCK??? why??? they get in the stall to the left of me. by then, my concentration is broken... i'm like... "christ, couldn't you go to ANOTHER FUCKING STALL????"

so, i start trying to concentrate again.... and then someone else comes into the restroom... and gets into the stall right next to me on the right. WHY??? why the fuck? isn't there some sort of unspoken rule that if there are lots of stalls, you put a stall in between you and the next person? fuck, i always do that... i think everyone else should too...

by then, i just about lost it... luckily (after like 5 minutes) i was able to concentrate enough and take my stupid shit... oh, and the best part was, they were all shitting, too. wtf? wtf? wtf? god, that's just frustrating.

anyway, i exit the restroom and i sit next to my parents... when you've only had 3 hours of sleep... there's NOTHING WORSE than listening to the muzak version of "end of the road" (you know, by Boyz II Men... god. i'm embarrassed just typing their name out...). i'm sure you could argue that there are worse things... but for me, that was IT..... i started rocking back and forth in my chair whispering, "make it stop, make it stop, make it stop..." even my crazy mother thought i was crazy... but after 4 days with my parents... doing EVERYTHING for them and shit like that, yeah... i did lose my mind...

we got home okay... all i wanted to do was go home, shower, eat, sleep... not necessarily in that order...

and when steve brought me home, all was well again... he'd cleaned everything :) and he made me dinner :) and he gave me lots of hugs and kisses... there's nothing like coming home to sanity.... :) hehe...

of course i've completely messed the house up again since i've been home... hey, i was exhausted. it was a physically and emotionally draining trip... i'm just glad to be home...



i'm on my way to iowa. if i'm not back by monday, it's because a) i killed myself b) the kkk got me c) i killed myself because of my parents. i miss everybody already...


FUCK sports

that's right... i said it. FUCK SPORTS. i HATE sports.

so, nina, YB, LE, mel... and all you other sports freaks CAN JUST SUCK IT.

hah! just kidding. i'm funny...

but, seriously. i'm just not a big fan. i used to enjoy it. i liked going to baseball games... eating dogs and drinking beer... and hanging out.... football was great... watching big, burly men in tight pants grope each other... what's not to love? hockey has it's fights... they're always entertaining... and soccer, well... hot foreign men. 'nuff said.

i have to say, i've never been a fan of basketball... but i could tolerate it. i don't know... those high scores and people running back and forth just never appealed to me.

and then psycho came around. and he was a fan of the raiders and the braves. oh yeah... i was subjected to all sorts of shit about raider nation and the fucking tomahawk chop or whatever the fuck that stupid thing is that they do.

anyway, the point is... i can not stomach sports anymore. he would get SO furious when the raiders lost (which was quite often)... and it was always my fault. i know i've said this before... but even *i* am taken aback by the stupidity of this whole thing... it was MY FAULT when they lost because i wasn't watching. or i wasn't cheering enough... EVERY SINGLE TIME... jeezus christ. he'd pick fights with me and yell at me... because it was MY FAULT... can you say fucking retarded????

just thinking about it now is enough to give me anxiety ... my hands are sweating AS I TYPE. that's right... i often get the sweaty hands... i'm a nervous, squirrely type of girl, apparently. but they weren't sweaty until i started thinking about watching sports....

so, yes. i hate sports.

thank god steve doesn't watch them. he follows sports, but it's not like he's gotta watch all the games and shit... i don't think i could take another relationship with a crazy sports fan.

i can't post comments

the only blog i could post comments on was yankebob's...

so i'm posting the rest of them here... and in no particular order....

yankeebob: i can't post again. but i wanted to let you know that i'm 1971 and steve's 1979. same 8 year spread... like in real life... but the opposite direction :P

mike: i need a new post. man. it's like crack, i tells ya. crack.

nina: i feel a tingle, too... but it ain't from sports :P muwahaha.

cece: i don't get my nails done either. my cuticles are a fucking mess. but who really cares, anyway. oh, and we also need to win the lottery. but not for popsicles.

ian: i had to refrain from saying, "ha ha, very punny!" oh, damn. i just did...

jules: i'm in! i wanna go to HI. no, seriously. steve, can i go???

LE: damn. i hate sports.

convoluted insanity: we'd either be best friends or we'd kill each other. good lord.

peachy: is there such a thing as BAD lesbian porno??? i had no idea.

kitten: i'm not sure if you wanted me to answer your questions, but let's see... i knew jules and larry before i started blogging. everyone else is from blogworld. i've met mike, nina, mel, LE in the flesh because of blogger. i've talked to jeanette on the phone. and btw, i hope you didn't get sick...

LAH: i get that feeling whenever i go out to dinner or something with little kids... i wish they would shut the FUCK up... why can't their parents control them???? GAH!

larry: lesabres are TOTALLY hot. convince a chick that there's more room in the back for fucking :P hehe.

angelina: good luck with the move... and btw, i'm surrounded by douchebags, too.

j: hey, i just noticed you put a comment on your post, too. heh. you have too many posts for me to comment about. jeezus christ, woman. :P wait, did you ever tell me if voodoo was a hottie? :P

cat: take airborne! AIRBORNE, baby!

barb: yikes. being pregnant sucks! :P hehe... sorry. j/k... the way i post pics is using the "hello" program... check it out...

ed: yeah... chinese buffet does sound nasty. but i'd still try it... heh. and good luck with the exercising. i can't do it right now :( and i KNOW i'm gonna get all chunky. DAMN IT!

uhm... this isn't even half of the blogs i check out, but i've GOT to get back to work... jeezus christ. i have a blogging addiction. for reals.

Entertainment: Music, Movies

seeing as how i was only here for about 2.5 days and i'm leaving again, i don't have much... and steve is my guest writer for my movie review... since i didn't see that movie... (thanks, baby...)

the only thing i've been watching is the first DVD of the first season of Chappelle's Show. damn. he is one funny mother fucker.

i can't wait until my schedule goes back to normal... jeezus... i'm being worn down... worn out... ugh.


Beck: Guero. album drops 3/29. BUY IT. this is one of the BEST albums i've heard this year. i don't think i'm being biased, even though i love Beck. it's more odelay than sea change. sea change was SO mellow... not to say that i didn't love it. that was one of my albums of the year when it came out... but, i must say, beck fucking blew my tiny little mind away with this shit. there's only one song that i'm not fond of... reminds me too much of the beach boys... and don't crucify me or anything, but i really don't care for the beach boys. they're so... BORING. god. anyway, beck once again amazes as he crosses genres and keeps his shit fresh and inventive.

DJ Dara: The Antidote. this album came out last year. good drum and bass, as always. dara never disappoints. not my favorite album by him, but still very, very good...

Steamboy. (i guess this is how a movie review SHOULD be. i suck.)
So I got invited to a press screening of Steamboy on the Sony lot last night, of course I was all over it. On the upside, I had a blast roaming the Sony studios and relaxing in one of their posh executive screening rooms, about 50 oversized plush reclining seats total with awesome sound. They have a beautiful campus there, very relaxing and some sweet architecture for their office buildings too. Also, they gave us the choice of watching the film in the standard dubbed and shortened version for primary US release, or the original subtitled version (about 15 minutes longer). Yes! Of course we picked the subs, what anime fan wouldn't?

On the downside, the movie blows. You know how the ending to Akira just drags on and on but at least maybe kinda has a point? Now imagine a "final" battle that starts about halfway into the flick and results in no real emotional payoff. That's right, an hour of things blowing up with no real plot. Also imagine an incredibly annoying and cliched girl supporting character they drop into the film practically unexplained, then they try to shoehorn her in as an uncomfortable love interest/foil for the main boy...yeah, Lucas handles romance better than this. Even the look of the film wasn't all that great, doesn't even come close to Innocence or Howl's Moving Castle from a technical standpoint although the backgrounds are pretty well done.

*Spoiler alert* The story follows a boy in 19th-century England who is trying to follow in the footsteps of his famous inventor father and grandfather. They've created impressive new machinery using steam power, so one cool aspect of the flick is kind of similar to LXG, showing the common man's reaction to these fantastic new super-powered creations roaming the countryside. The dad and grandpa create a super steam power cell about the size of a basketball (very poorly explained origin), and the principal fight is grandpa and a shadow organization trying to keep control of the ball away from dad and his opposing shadow corporation. The boy is stuck in the middle, doesn't know who to trust, and that's about the end of the plot and character development. Eventually, dad unleashes a gigantic steam tower in an attempt to sell its weapons to some assembled world leaders, and grandpa's organization tries to stop them. That takes you up to about the hour mark, and from there on it's just fighting, fighting, and more fighting. Yawn. *End spoiler*

This is another prime example of why some creators shouldn't be given carte blanche... this movie could have succeeded if anybody had the stones to demand a coherent, tight plot and streamlined final battle, but as it stands it's just a highly flawed monument to Otomo's ego. Hopefully we won't have to wait another 17 years for him to try again, Akira was way too long ago.

Miami Pictures

so... here are pics from our trip... if you want to see the whole album, email me at grace.bon@gmail.com. and then you can see me in a bikini! kidding. no one wants to see that. also, i made steve delete those out of the album. heh. well, most of them at least :P


here's miami at sunrise

driving down to the keys on 7 mile bridge or whatever the fuck it's called.

yeah... we had key lime pie in key west. WHAT OF IT? heh... i know. touristy, but it had to be done. btw, i don't know if you can see it, but my shirt has a little monkey on it and it says: "I LOVE CARBS." it's my favorite shirt these days. oh, and another thing. i look tired because i WAS tired. heh. we drove down to the keys on only an hour of sleep. by "we" i mean steve. HEY, i risked permanent paralysis by taking a plane out there! okay, that was a bit dramatic. heh.

mah man!

the southernmost part of the US. don't mind my white legs. eep. yeah... this is still saturday. it was pretty damned warm. steve and i had to change in the car. heh. ahhh, only 90 miles to cuba. one day i will go there. i hope. and yes, ian... we are standing next to a huge erection... on second thought, it looks more like a butt plug... OH, AND BTW! would ya look at my hubby's toned and sexy arms? mmm, i LOVE nice arms on a man... *drool*

the stupidest name ever... who the fuck is going to call up their friends and say: yo, meet me at the DAWG HOUSE. how fucking stupid... the person who came up with that name should be fired. FIRED. btw, i don't think it was just us who thought it was stupid... that place was totally dead when we walked by it on saturday night.

and the stupidity never stops... and yeah... that IS a fucking fire hydrant... don't ask me why this pisses me off so much. it's just fucking ANNOYING.

yo, man... why we gotta ring the bell if you're a psychic??? shouldn't you know when we're coming???

mmm... sounds TASTY! :D hehehe...

so... check out the bottom of the flyer... the hours of operation are... what? wait... does that mean it's open 24 hours a day? god, i'm so confused! hee! i thought it might be fun to check out a swingers club. hehe. but steve talked me down. there would probably only be nasty old men, anyway... and there's nothing grosser than 70 year old men hitting on you. ew.

here's the outside of our hotel... doesn't look like much from here... but it was wonderful, affordable and one block from the beach... i loved it. the kent hotel.

here's the lobby of our hotel... i love the bright colors everywhere...

our room... ours was lavender and silver. i guess they have other rooms that are decorated in lucite (that clear plastic)... i love shit that looks all space agey. heh.

this is on the other side of the room. the beanbag rules! i don't know if you can see it on this pic, but my cleavage rules, too! woohoo! oh, this is my new bikini that steve bought me for his birthday. heh.

winterfest... IT'S RAINING MEN!!!!

i need these little shorts. he was soooo cute... and his butt looks awesome in these shorts. i wonder if those shorts will do that for my butt, too... no, seriously. i want that outfit. hat, scarf and everything :P

anyway, i had a fucking blast in south beach... i loved it there... *sigh*

and now i get to look forward to going to IOWA... it's like 30 or 40 degrees out there right now. i'm going to D-I-E.


keyword analysis

i'm getting an assload of hits from a search for "wifey world."

what the fuck? what the fuck is wifey world? or maybe they're just looking for me now? i don't fucking know. anyway... here are some other ones that i like:

racey grace
seattle hirsute woman's pics
jeremy mcboingboing
liger florida lion tiger
mythical liger picture
big liger
big dido bitches (i'm guessing they meant "big dildo bitches?" i don't know...)
best one liners pickup (that's just sad, man.)
bitches fucking (yes!)
tattoos in private parts and ass (AWESOME!)
mmm girl scout grace (EVEN MORE AWESOME!)

i rule.


big ups to south beach!!!!

holy god... those damned people know how to party.

we stayed at the kent. what a cute little hotel... anyway, it was nice. about a block off the beach... lots of action going on around it...

and ALL NIGHT LONG on saturday night, you could hear partiers. it just never stopped. okay, it stopped maybe around 5 or 6AM, but goddamn! cruisers, girls, boys, screaming, laughing...

and we were in bed. yes, i know that sounds sad, but my back hurts. :( i couldn't walk around very much at all...

sunday night wasn't nearly as loud... but, we left around 5:45AM and partiers were still stumbling around.

but, i have to say, i loved south beach. seems like the people are so much more laid back in FL than they are in CA. the weather was great, but i don't think i could take the humidity later in the year.

while we were laying out in the sun, there was this big party going on. tons of people packed under a tent with a DJ booth... spinning happy, happy house music. and i love house. but not THAT much house. holy crap. i hit my limit after about 2 hours of it. most CDs are only an hour long, ya know? but it was fun... the whole atmosphere, the vibe... was wonderful. i want to go back....

but what's up with the little spring break goody bags? no fucking condoms in there? jeezus. toothpaste, shaving gel, candy bars... but no fucking condoms. they should ALL HAVE CONDOMS.

i have never seen so many good looking boys in one spot in my whole life. MEOW. too bad they want nothing to do with me. i didn't see that many good looking girls there. steve says that they come out late at night. i guess.

a friend of mine from FL told me one time that there are good looking girls in CA and FL, but at least the FL girls know they're just hos. the cali girls think they actually deserve better. heh. that made me laugh for some reason. i wasn't able to see if that was true, though because there weren't any good looking girls out when i was there. what's up with that? because i was totally gonna give steve a threesome for his birthday.

kidding. my neck and back are in no condition for wild sex.

we drove down the keys on saturday, since we arrived at the asscrack of dawn and our hotel wasn't going to be ready for hours. they have these signs that say how many fatalities have occurred... to be honest, i'm surprised there were only 2 this year. people drive like SHIT out there! damn. i thought we were going to die several times. and those were just the times that i was awake! i slept for most of the drive there and back! jeezus.

and there was this minor accident and they shut down the entire freeway. it was unbelievable. thank god it was on the other side. i would've died if we were stuck like that. guess i'm just used to cali.

it's great to be back, though. okay, it's not. i hate every second behind this computer screen. but i did miss the blogworld.

only 3 hours left before i can leave this hellhole for the day. i suppose i ought to get some work done...


*blogger note: sorry if all my name changes are getting hectic. heh. i liked "racey gracey" but... i had to change it after i saw austin powers whilst getting ready the other night... and austin says, "GRRR, BABY! VERY GRRRR!" i was going to put that i put the "grrr in swinger, baby" but i didn't wanna give y'all the wrong idea :P hehe.*


happy birthday to me!

so, we're in miami... and i'm drunk! :D okay. maybe not wasted, but i got a good buzz going on.

i didn't want to tell anyone at work that i was coming to miami... they'd be like, "oh, so you're well enough to go to miami, but not well enough to come into work!" so, yeah...

but, i had to come... i was depressed! i feel like a fucking invalid. and i'm only 28 years old! i mean, i know i'm not YOUNG anymore, but 28 is just too young to be immobile. being immobile sucks ass. you know when your back is FUCKED UP when you're walking down collins ave in south beach and an old lady passes you. that was kind of sad.

my neck and back are starting to feel a little bit better. having 2.5 days off of work may have had something to do with that. i've only been sitting here for 3 minutes, though and my back is already starting to hurt.

and that fucker doctor was trying to tell me that it's not work-related. BULLSHIT.

we just came back from dinner at a nice italian restaurant. i love italian food. and we laid out in the sun today. it was so, so nice. and such CUTE boys!!! but none of them want me. BUT I CAN STILL LOOK! :P

anyway, so, yeah! happy birfday to me! oh, wait. today's steve's birthday. and i didn't even get him anything today. we went shopping... and bought me a bikini and shirts... and went to italian food... and did all sorts of things that i wanted to do.


so, wish steve a happy b-day today :) he turns 36 today! :)

i love my hubby... thanks for bringing me to miami for your birthday! :P


Entertainment: Movies, Music, Books

and since this was almost already finished, i figured i would just do this one more. sorry, steve! i promise! this is IT! :)


Panda! Go, Panda! yeah... not exactly miyazaki's finest work... hehe. but cute as all hell! there is just something about a baby panda jumping onto a daddy panda and clinging on that makes me go, AWWWWWWWW!

Garden State. FINALLY GOT TO WATCH IT! stupid netflix. it was backordered for fucking ever! jeezus christ! i mean, who else is getting it instead of us??? damn it! anyway, i really enjoyed this flick. not only did zach braff write it, he directed it AND starred in it... and he does it well... without looking like an overeager asshole. and portman is so wonderful here. she's quirky and loveable. the only part that kind of didn't fit in the movie for me was the final conversation he has with his dad.... that seemed to change the rhythm of the movie. it was awkward. but other than that, i thought it was a wonderful freshman effort by zach braff... oh, and great soundtrack, also. i think i NEED IT.


Satoshi Tomiie & Hector Romero: Undulation 1. great progressive house CD. just about every track was great and the mixing was fluid. beautiful.

Bryan Gee: The Sound of Movement. great drum 'n' bass ... a lot of big hits on this CD. my only real complaint is that some of the tracks didn't get enough airtime. other than that, solid. i wouldn't say that it's a MUST HAVE like "new forms" by roni size.... but it's definitely a "very nice to have especially if you love drum 'n' bass" type of CD.


Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. okay. i have to admit, i JUST started reading it. but, thus far, the first 40 pages are great... will keep you posted on how the rest of it goes...

thank you...

thanks for all your kind words, everyone... made me smile... though it looked more like a grimace than a smile...

i'm disobeying steve and writing a post. he wanted me to stay away from it. he said i just needed to do my one presentation my boss was asking me to do and log the fuck off. he said if i need to blog, i can audioblog, but there's no way i'm audioblogging. NO NO NO NO NO. especially now that i've been crying all morning. i sound like a doofus. heh.

i just wanted to log on and say hi... i don't think i'll be online much the next few days, if at all. i will miss you guys... i will probably get the shakes. but it's better that i don't stay in this position too long, methinks. guess i'll just catch up with everyone later...



it's official!

i had my very first nervous breakdown at work! well, not really my first... and it wasn't so much a nervous breakdown as it was me blubbering and crying.


that's just embarrassing. and mortifying. and humiliating.

i just couldn't help it. i went to talk to the lady in HR and i couldn't stop! and then my boss comes by and tries to make me feel better... and i just lost it. all i hear is, "are you crying?"

and then he scurries off to his admin so she can tell me to go back to the dr and demand a referral.

i can't believe i cried ... in public.

stupid tears. stupid back. stupid me...

okay. i'm out.



i finally went to go see the doctor for my back and neck.

why is it that when they say, "the doctor will be right with you," it means like 45 minutes? WTF? come on!!!! why is their time so much more important than anyone else's???? assholes.

anyway, basically, he didn't believe me. kept on telling me how he finds it hard to believe that it's work-related.

and besides only giving me ibuprofen for the pain, he kept on questioning how i could've hurt my back because there was just NO way it could be from computer work. OBVIOUSLY the man has never had to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time.

basically, it can only be a work-related injury if you're doing heavy lifting, or if you have carpal tunnel. i told him that my wrists used to hurt a lot and my hands were going numb, but they changed my workstation around and it helped it. but my back and neck are still fucked up!

anyway, so when he said that he didn't think my pain was work-related, i asked him what he thought it might be...

"well, you look like you're in good shape... do you play sports?"

WTF??? i almost choked and told him, "no, i don't play sports."

jeezus... that's the problem with looking young. they think you're too young to have any pains. i'm not kidding. several years ago, i was having problems with heartburn. it was constant and it was painful. i asked my doctor if she thought it might be stress-related and she chuckled, "stress? you're far too young to have stress!"

WTF is wrong with these people? i'm sorry, but the world is a different place than it was when you were my age, old timer.

*sigh* so i've been prescribed to 6 sessions of physical therapy. i already know it's not going to help. but i have to go. the conditions of this stupid worker's comp thing. jeezus.

wow. 6 whole sessions? FOR ME????