my thighs can't breathe!!!!

jeezus h. christ.

when i bought these jeans, they were pretty loose. right now... they are squeezing the LIFE OUT OF MY THIGHS. no, seriously.

my left leg just went numb. i knew i should've worn stretchier jeans.

now i'm going to need to stand up and get some blood back in there. stupid thighs.

yeah, i wore jeans to work today. my boss isn't in. in fact, he told me to work from home... but i would probably just get drunk and not get any work done.

damn. i should go home.

actually, the PT is really close to my work... i'm leaving at 3 anyway. i think i can suffer through a few hours of work.

last night steve took me to this restaurant called Ten. cool little place... a little too trendy to have any sort of lifespan, i think... the food is just okay, but the decor makes up for it. it's basically just japanese food.

oh, and the happy hour specials rule. $3 per plate. it was nice... the only thing that was really annoying was the back of their matchbooks. apparently, their weekend night "ultra lounge" name is... wait for it...


how fucking stupid. i hate stupid names. it's totally retardo. it's just embarrassing. i don't know. i would never call my friends and tell them to meet me at TENTATION... god. just thinking about it makes me fucking CRINGE.

at any rate, they had a lot of fruity martini drinks... might be a fun place to meet up with your friends or something... if you're into fruity martini drinks.

i did like the gigantor buddha with the changing backlights. reminded me of my cup holder lights in my car. oh, and on the way in, they have this waterfall over the walkway... okay... i don't know how to explain it... anyway, it's cool.

i had fun, though... especially after a bottle of sake. woohoo! hehe, but don't get too excited. it was a little bottle. heh. anyway, it was nice of the hubby to surprise me and take me out :) he's sweet like that... :)

anyway, it's nice to see something cool in orange county. hehe... it probably wouldn't be my scene, though... i can just picture all the 40-something year old, botoxed, blonde divorcees hovering about looking for man meat. oh, my bad. that's the yardhouse... at least TEN has good music playing in the background. after about 45 minutes at the yardhouse, i want to kill myself. i can only take so much bad classic rock.

now i'm babbling. time for me to walk around and get the blood flowing in my legs again. or eat more girl scout cookies. MMMM.


Blogger Caballero Oscuro said...

i'm just happy they didn't call it TENTASIAN

11:30 AM  
Blogger grace said...


if that was the case, i would've had to kill myself. seriously.

it's like that stupid place ... called SENSASIAN... by that stupid yan can cook guy.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Did they call it that in-TEN-tionally? :)

11:21 PM  

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