in my spam inbox, the subject to one of the nice little notes was:

get the drags you need now!

wow! i didn't know that i NEEDED people to dress up in drag for me... but now that i know that, i'm replying back... and marking that shit as NOT SPAM!


my back and neck are pretty bad today... no more sex for me... and def not doggie style :P


i saw a license plate last night: LKRSROQ. no, the lakers do not rock, let alone ROQ. jeezus christ. god, why does it bug me so much? it bugs me that it bugs me. wtf...


I'M NOT IRISH. so, no, i didn't wear green. also, i do NOT OWN clothing that is suitable for work in that color. don't pinch me. god knows, i've already pinched a nerve. that's enough pinching for me. christ.

however, i will use this opportunity to drink until i puke tonight. oh, and to solicit kisses from complete strangers.

actually, i don't think we're going out... even though i've never in my life had green beer. i think we should find me some green beer. god, i've missed out on so much!


goddamned herpes. i got it from my mom. yeah. i didn't exactly mean it that way. i get stupid canker sores when i'm fighting a bug. i'm not sick, but i've gotten 2 canker sores in the span of 2 weeks... yeah. i'm fighting something awful. but thanks to airborne, i haven't gotten sick. i guess i'd prefer the canker sores over the illness... god, i love airborne.


yahoo's launchcast is pretty cool... i mean, you get to listen to shit you'd never ever normally pick up... on the downside, you also get shit like travis shitt or whatever his fucking name is. but that doesn't happen very often. and then you can put him on your "DON'T EVER PLAY AGAIN, ASSHOLES!" list.


what's up with all the prego people lately? i just don't give a fuck about people at work, so i just haven't noticed, i guess... just yesterday, i saw 4 ladies with huge, extended bellies... i swear the last time i saw them, they weren't pregnant. jeez.


is it time to go home yet? oh, scheisse. it's barely a little after 9... ah well... happy st. patrick's day... if you care.... otherwise, happy get-shit-faced day!


Blogger Jammie J. said...

12 minutes to get here ... sheez. And all because you said doggie style in your post. You know that makes me have to comment in sympathy for your loss.

I like the Lakers because they have purple in their team colors.

I'm wearing green today. So is everyone in the office. Weirdos.
Actually, you're the weirdo because you didn't. :p

Canker sores, why aren't you rinsing with Listerine? Huh?

Everybody is freaking prego. I've been trying to get a temp in to cover for the prego girl in my office before she torpedos the kid out at any time. Crazy. Don't drink the water.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Have you ever considered the possibility that it meant "lickers rock"? I would have thought that would be the first thing that came to mind.

Lakers. Pff. How dumb is that?

2:14 PM  

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