big ups to south beach!!!!

holy god... those damned people know how to party.

we stayed at the kent. what a cute little hotel... anyway, it was nice. about a block off the beach... lots of action going on around it...

and ALL NIGHT LONG on saturday night, you could hear partiers. it just never stopped. okay, it stopped maybe around 5 or 6AM, but goddamn! cruisers, girls, boys, screaming, laughing...

and we were in bed. yes, i know that sounds sad, but my back hurts. :( i couldn't walk around very much at all...

sunday night wasn't nearly as loud... but, we left around 5:45AM and partiers were still stumbling around.

but, i have to say, i loved south beach. seems like the people are so much more laid back in FL than they are in CA. the weather was great, but i don't think i could take the humidity later in the year.

while we were laying out in the sun, there was this big party going on. tons of people packed under a tent with a DJ booth... spinning happy, happy house music. and i love house. but not THAT much house. holy crap. i hit my limit after about 2 hours of it. most CDs are only an hour long, ya know? but it was fun... the whole atmosphere, the vibe... was wonderful. i want to go back....

but what's up with the little spring break goody bags? no fucking condoms in there? jeezus. toothpaste, shaving gel, candy bars... but no fucking condoms. they should ALL HAVE CONDOMS.

i have never seen so many good looking boys in one spot in my whole life. MEOW. too bad they want nothing to do with me. i didn't see that many good looking girls there. steve says that they come out late at night. i guess.

a friend of mine from FL told me one time that there are good looking girls in CA and FL, but at least the FL girls know they're just hos. the cali girls think they actually deserve better. heh. that made me laugh for some reason. i wasn't able to see if that was true, though because there weren't any good looking girls out when i was there. what's up with that? because i was totally gonna give steve a threesome for his birthday.

kidding. my neck and back are in no condition for wild sex.

we drove down the keys on saturday, since we arrived at the asscrack of dawn and our hotel wasn't going to be ready for hours. they have these signs that say how many fatalities have occurred... to be honest, i'm surprised there were only 2 this year. people drive like SHIT out there! damn. i thought we were going to die several times. and those were just the times that i was awake! i slept for most of the drive there and back! jeezus.

and there was this minor accident and they shut down the entire freeway. it was unbelievable. thank god it was on the other side. i would've died if we were stuck like that. guess i'm just used to cali.

it's great to be back, though. okay, it's not. i hate every second behind this computer screen. but i did miss the blogworld.

only 3 hours left before i can leave this hellhole for the day. i suppose i ought to get some work done...


*blogger note: sorry if all my name changes are getting hectic. heh. i liked "racey gracey" but... i had to change it after i saw austin powers whilst getting ready the other night... and austin says, "GRRR, BABY! VERY GRRRR!" i was going to put that i put the "grrr in swinger, baby" but i didn't wanna give y'all the wrong idea :P hehe.*


Blogger Kis Lee said...

ah, yes, it's spring break month again. ogling pretty boys is also a nice way to kill time.

so does florida have worse drivers than here? maybe all states have their fair share of crazy drivers.

4:46 PM  
Blogger David said...

little eyes: not all florida. only miami area. they're nuts there.

grace: I can't believe you were here in FL!!! Well i'm glad to hear you had fun.

by the way I like your new name wayy better, I've been watching Austin Powers too on TBS I think.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Edward said...

No condoms in the goodie bags? Damn it, a real goodie bag should have nothing but.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

A real goodie bag would come with an actual woman in it...

10:36 PM  
Blogger J. said...

whoot? what the hell do YOU need condoms for? what? tell me, what? are you gonna blow them up like balloons or something? Not to mention your back, woman, your back!

11:41 PM  
Blogger Anon said...

Hell, even a blowup woman right Ian? LOL! :0)

Grace, I'm glad you had a great time, sounds relaxing! You're making me miss *sob* miss * sob * Key West!! I love South Beach too! My ma used to live down there a couple years ago and we partied our asses off! :)

5:37 AM  
Blogger grace said...

le: i'm telling you... it was fucking SCARY!

david: whatever. they're probably crazy everywhere! :P yeah! i think it was on TBS. i was getting ready in the hotel room and it was on. heh.

ed: i know, right???

ian: or a cute little man! :D

jeanette: no, not for me... i don't care about condoms... i'm just saying... those GOODIE BAGS SHOULD COME WITH CONDOMS! and yes. don't remind me about the back :( heh.

j: awwww, sorry, j... but, it was so fucking awesome!!!! :)

4:20 PM  

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