i'm a little late in the game, but...

check out this article i lifted from the english version of the chosun ilbo. first of all, it reads like a 3rd grader's book. second, gentle feminine and QUIET???? third... korean women AREN'T materialistic and they're submissive and kind??? wtf are they talking about!!!!!!

there are exceptions, of course, but almost all korean women i know (and i can say this cuz i'm korean) ARE SOOOO materialistic! that's ALL they think about!!!! and most are bitches. 'specially here in LA.

i resent this article... to think it came from my own people!!!! i think i'm going to vomit:

What is it about Korean Women that Western Men Like?

We know that Korean-American Alice Kim (Korean name: Kim Yong-gyeong) willmarry Hollywood star Nicolas Cage in June. Kim’s uncle, an executive at acredit agency, said in an interview with a Korean daily paper that, “I understand that Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage will marry in June.” This marriage may be postponed, however; Cage is leaving for Africa in July toshoot his new film, “Lord of War.”

Why are American film stars into Korean women? Kenny, an executive at a LAKoreatown broadcasting company, said in an interview with a Koreanbroadcaster that, “Korean women are submissive and kind. They are known to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for their husbands, help their husbandswell, and raise children well." There are also those who feel that in the eyes of Western men, East Asian women possess a sort of mysteriousness about them. They say that one can grow fond of the unknown “Orient."

24-year-old James Cecil, an American living in Korea, said, “Even Koreanwomen who are not though of as pretty by Korean men can give a sense of mystery to Western men.” 29-year-old English teacher Mike Conforty said,“Korean women are gentle, feminine and quiet. I think Korean women are theprettiest of all East Asian women.”

Western men also seem to find the purity and conservativeness of Koreanwomen attractive. 25-year-old USFK soldier Blake Selesnew said, “Americanwomen are too materialistic, but Korean women aren’t. They seem less snobby.” Korea University English instructor Zane Ivy said, “Korean women are conservative. They are conscience of what people around them think,depend on their families and parents and are submissive.”

Before Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage, other Hollywood couples with Koreanwomen included Wesley Snipes and Nikki Park and Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. Less well known was “About Schmidt” director Alexander Payne’smarriage last year to Korean-Canadian actress Sandra Oh. Meanwhile, WoodyAllen attended a literature event last October in Frankfurt, Germany andsaid he would write an autobiography containing the story of how he splitfrom long-time lover Mia Farrow and fell in love and married Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

frustrated :(

i'm so frustrated right now... i can barely see straight :( one of these days they're gonna fire me for yelling at people, but until then, i'll continue to yell at them. heh...

my chest feels all tight like i can't breathe and my head is pounding... but it's not really a headache. it's weird... and i can barely type cuz i'm all shaky.

i fucking hate this place... no, i think i hate the people, save one or two...

the ghetto-ass wedding...

so, i'm talking to a friend and she tells me:

"mel told me she got her first wedding gifts, so i asked her if they opened them yet and she said - oh, we're gonna let trio open them"

why are they gonna let his baby open their wedding gifts? what, he's too cheap to buy his son a gift so they're gonna trick him? and what 2 year old is gonna care that they got a pots and pans set or whatever. come on, now. fools.

oh, and then she's all complaining about how she and stan had to do all their invites and no one was offering to help. she's such a skank. and not in a good way :P

my poor friend. well, she could still back out of the wedding! she's got time :P hehehehehe


wooohooo! we're going to new orleans in october :D the voodoo music experience is gonna be there...

we're gonna end up seeing the beastie boys twice! hehehe...


it's gonna be so great! i've never been there, either... can't wait to have hurricanes and beignets :D and muffaletas... 2 things i really, really love... food and music... :D

oh, i mean 3 things cuz steve will be there, too :P

tim westwood

tim westwood's on radio1 now. woohoo! the show's not as good as it used to be. he used to only play the newest hip-hop... but now he just plays popular stuff. at least he consistently interviews great artists.... not just the people who put out the crap we get bombarded with...

i may be an anglophile... :D

my bro...

so, my brother is going to some school in mexico for "bad kids." i really hope this works for him. i doubt if he'll become a completely different person, but i'm hoping that he'll change for the better...

he's used to be so adorable and he used to love me so much. *sigh* so sad what's happened to him.

he's just this little monster now. it's unbelievable. he's got a worse temper than even me!!!! and he just doesn't appreciate anything he has or anything he's been given.

the worst part about it is that he's really bright. or, well, he used to be. i don't even know him anymore.

he's not allowed to talk to anyone, except faculty and staff for 2 whole months. crazy, huh? and he's not allowed to see the girls at the school for 7 months. my parents can't even visit him for 6 months. i really hope that he gains a sense of responsibility and gets some common sense while he's there.

oh, and man clogs are a required part of the uniform there... so they can't run away. hehehe... hehehehe.... i just got a funny ass visual of my brother trying to run away in clogs.

i hope it helps him, cuz it's expensive enough!!! that and i just don't want him to be all lost growing up. i don't care if he makes $10K a year or if he even goes to college or whatever. i just hope he turns into a real person. he's like an animal right now...

my parents are driving him down today. the other day my dad went down there to check it out. he was on the road for 11 hours. sheesh. i hope they have a safe trip back.


so, it's a little after 7 and i'm here... apparently for no reason because i have NOTHING in my email inbox. i was supposed to get some reporting before i got in this morning (since the other people are on the east coast)... but i don't see shit. not only that, but my contact with them is here on the west coast. which means, i'm going to be sitting around twiddling my thumbs until at least 8:30.
what a load of bullshit.
my only consolation is that it's friday... and the best radio on the planet has really, really great programming today.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/ well, it's the best radio i know about. i'm sure there's great pirate radio stations. actually, the good programming doesn't start till later... but you can listen to last week's broadcasts.
i'm just so tired... was at B&E's last night... till like, 11. yeah, i'm a big ol' baby :) so sleepy! hehe...
change of topic here... last year was the first year i'd ever heard of "june gloom." and last year was the first year i'd ever experienced it. apparently, when you live by the beach, it's always there... but this year, here it is, the end of july and we've had july gloom for most of the month. what's going on??? i hope that doesn't mean that this august and september are going to be particularly brutal....


i wanna go home!!!!

i really, really, really wanna go home. unfortunately, the only fast printer i'm connected to errored out... and i can't delete the job that fucked it up to begin with because i don't have access or whatever... so i'm stuck here at this printer that prints like 2 pages a minute... and i have a 54 page presentation to print out. oh, gawd. help me.
steve's prolly waiting out there... twiddling his thumbs or something... poor guy. 
oh, gawd... please print faster... :( :(
and tomorrow morning i'm here again at 7am. yay. shoot me... now.

farkin' idiots...

sometimes, i really feel like i work with some mentally handicapped people. if i had the patience, maybe i would've. i was under the impression that i would work with people who had IQs over, say, 25.
i have to explain EVERYTHING to them... ALL SLOW.... because they don't seem to understand what's going on .... at least half the time, i could prolly lie to them and they'd believe it. friggin' sheep.
talking that slowly really, really, really irks me. i don't have the patience for this bullshit. i need a new job...
time to make those 'i hate stan' pins :P

B&E's Anniversary...

today's ben and elena's 11th or 12th anniversary. i forget which. hrm. i dunno. i'm supposed to go over tonight and babysit so they can go out for a romantic dinner... how sweet :P

i'm just sooo tired, though. at least sophia will prolly be asleep by the time i get there... i'm WAY too tired to play with her tonight... she's such a little wiggleworm...

cute, though, huh??? i think i have newer pics... i'll have to find them sometime...

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i hate my job at month-end

don't get me wrong. i always hate my job. just especially at month-end.
bunch of whining ass babies. i have to hold their damned hands and babysit them all the time.
fucked up thing is i don't even get paid on it. i do all the damned work and don't see shit. they do nothing but whine and they get paid bank.
why do i even bother? fuckin' a. i need a new job.

YAY! beastie boys! :D

we barely got tixx to see the beastie boys! :D yay! i'm looking forward to it :D
but, gawd, i hate ticketmaster. they always butt rape you with charges.
we got floor tixx... woohoo! :)

what's the deal with bob dylan????

so, this morning, we're listening to an old tape steve has... some amnesty international concert... the police (the last time they performed as 'the police' no less) and u2.
u2 covers a bob dylan song... something about maggie's farm or something. i dunno... anyway, the crowd is going effin' NUTS...
i asked harold why people like bob dylan. i just assumed he did because he likes the oldies and the classic rock. he didn't know. (thanks, harold... thanks for nothin'!) he said he wasn't really a big fan of bob dylan. he assumes the people of that generation like him because it reminds them of "a simpler time" ... okay. sure... i could buy that... but ... what about the people who didn't grow up with him and still love him?
i just don't get it.

one more month until pikmin 2 comes out :D

yay! i love this game! one of the cutest games ever... :)

Captain Olimar returns to marshal new Pikmin in a wild, open-ended adventure-and he brought help this time! Captaim Olimar has returned to the planet where the Pikmin live, and he's all business this time. The company he works for is going bankrupt, so to save it, Olimar must salvage the treasure buried all over the planet. His company's debt is a whopping 10,000 pokos- luckily, Olimar brought an assistant, so if the two of them can delegate their work well, they should be able to erase that debt in no time! Of course, they'll need the help of the Pikmin to do that, these two can't do anything by themselves. Alternate controlling the main characters-Olimar and his assistant- as you command your Pikmin to defeat enemies, propate more Pikmin, collect precious doodads, and solve puzzles. With no time limit, new colors of Pikmin, and two-player cooperative play, Pikmin 2 improves on the original in every way.

last night's dream

so, i had another dream about mel and her wedding last night. i swear, i can't wait until it's over with. sheesh.
maybe it's cuz i talked to maria last night. makes me think about it. you know, it's sad that everything's turning out so ghetto. from everything i've heard, this isn't exactly a dream wedding. heh.
i dreamt that i was at the reception (maria actually wanted me to go as her guest. please. hehehe. i don't need that drama! and hyuni wanted me to go so she could bring greg. wtf is wrong with these ppl??? hehehe)
anyway, the reception was so sad... and his family was so ghetto. i'd be interested to see if her wedding and reception looks like my dream. i have a feeling it will. :P hehehe


playboy bunnies!!!!

i really, really, really wanna be hef... maybe we can get it after it goes down in price. heh.


i overdid it on the m&m's... the whole bag... blech... now i'm nauseated. oh, jeez.... what a bad idea...
i think i'm gonna hurl.


i just scored some m&m's. damn. i wish they were peanut... but, hey, whaddaya want for free :D

beastie boys...

the beastie boys are coming to town! woohoo! beastie boys and talib kweli at the long beach arena. i'm not sure i've ever been there. i'm guessing not. they'll be here on 9/14... :D that's the day that steve proposed 2 years ago... awwww... nothing says love like a beastie boys concert :) :) :)
tomorrow's the presale. wish us luck in getting those tixx!

it's like having my very own lawyer and money manager all rolled into one...

it's so great... since i got married to steve, i don't have to read any forms or do anything. heheh. every time i get a letter or email that has anything to do with money, i just forward it on and steve reads it for me...
it's great :D
i hate dealing with money. thinking about money gives me tummy aches ... ugh.


so, i get these nightmares every once in a while. about psycho... i hate that he still gets into my dreams. i wish he'd just die. now i know that's not a very nice thing to say, but his existence is pretty much useless. all he will ever do is hurt people that he thinks he loves. i used to think, as long as it's not me, i don't care what he does. but, now, i do care. i hope he's not hurting anyone else. i hope he's crippled, maimed, injured, whatever. i hope he gets caught stealing in the middle east somewhere so they chop his hands off... i hope that a group of thugs beat him up, i hope someone crazy glues his legs together and then beats him with a baseball bat, i hope that he suffers. not because i hate him, but because he deserves it. because that's how much pain he's inflicted on others. not just me, but other people... his family, his ex-girlfriends... everyone he comes into contact with...
i dunno. i'm over the fear of running into him. but he still enters my dreams. it's awful. i think part of that has to do with mel marrying stan (or as jules is always mistyping: satan)... i just see what she's turned into and it upsets me. i see how i used to be and it's frightening. (for the record, i don't think stan's beating her or anything. i just think he's very manipulative, controlling, and possessive.)
he should embrace her for who she is and if she wants to change for herself for the better, she should do it. not change into a mindless girl without an opinion for him. he should accept her for who she is. not expect her to change. can you believe she said: i have so many things to change now i can't keep track???? how effed up is that? you know something's wrong with the relationship if someone says that...
i wish her luck. i'm sorry i had to end our 12 year friendship, but he was going to end it anyway... but i guess it doesn't really matter anyway... i don't know her anymore... and it's a shame.
anyway, whatever. steve's taking me to seattle and vancouver the weekend of her wedding. hehe... maybe i'm just lucky to have found a unique and great guy. maybe most boys out there are like stan. scary. maybe i've forgotten since i've been out of the dating loop for a few years now... maybe i'm used to being spoiled by steve? i dunno.
and for those judging me who think that she was there for me while i was with psycho, so i should be there for her at her wedding, i only have this to say: she was there for me before psycho and after psycho. not during. and yes, part of that's my fault because i pushed people away, but that's also because she was always judging me, not understanding why i couldn't get out of that relationship. it's so much more complex than that. i  hope she's realizing that now... but, i doubt it. i gave her too much credit. she's not that understanding or bright and i'm realizing that now... (so, what does that say about me???)
well, good luck to my friends who are stuck being in that wedding. i'm just relieved i got out :)

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for the record...

yes, i'm a slacker... but i'm also a fast typer. so there. haters.

effin' screwball, part II

this just gets better and better.
lookit this article ... and look who it's written by... apparently, this Web site hires her to write articles...
someone thinks rather highly of herself... you gotta love how she talks about herself in the 3rd person... like she's tricking us....



ann coulter's an effin' screwball

so, without getting into any sort of political talk or anything, for the record, (and i think that even some of my conservative friends would agree) i believe that ann coulter is crazy. or as one of my repub friends say, "she's a little fringe." now... only a conservative would characterize this as "fringe." i consider it psycho rantings of a very strange and sad little woman:
this is how her article for usa today started. thank god the editors of that publication had the good sense to nix her article. and yes, it was probably an opinion column, but it still doesn't excuse it. good lord, at least it could be funny... without making everyone cringe:
Here at the Spawn of Satan convention in Boston, conservatives are deploying a series of covert signals to identify one another, much like gay men do. My allies are the ones wearing crosses or American flags. The people sporting shirts emblazened with the "F-word" are my opponents.  Also, as always, the pretty girls and cops are on my side, most of them barely able to conceal their eye-rolling.

so, that's the first paragraph... directly from her site: anncoulter.com

this is another favorite of mine, again lifted directly from her site:

As for the pretty girls, I can only guess that it's because liberal boys never try to make a move on you without the UN Security Council's approval.  Plus, it's no fun riding around in those dinky little hybrid cars. My pretty-girl allies stick out like a sore thumb amongst the corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons they call "women" at the Democratic National Convention.

i shit you not. she wrote this for a newspaper... what was she thinking?
i can't believe that any rational adult would actually write these things... so i'm guessing either she doesn't really believe it and she's doing it for the attention... or she's crazy... i'm sorry... but, this woman seriously, seriously needs to get her meds upped. maybe she can call rush limbaugh for a referral. :P

the rant - stupid boys, part II

seriously, why do men (and i use that term very, very loosely) at work think it's okay to interrupt you to flirt? i have NO interest in flirting with them. and the married ones are the worst! they have this fucked up idea that because now i'm married and since they're married, it's okay to flirt with me because now i have something to lose, too... men are such pricks, sometimes!
damn, and to think that i thought getting married would fix this problem.
whew. good thing i'm a fast typer. or else i'd never get any work done in between blogging :P hehehe

like i've always told steve: i'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body...

so, on my way back from lunch, all of a sudden i've got an abba song stuck in my head... s.o.s. yeah... that's pretty gay, right?
on top of that, it's actually the erasure cover of the abba song...
i'm the gayest man ever.

Jude Law Comic-Con 2004

ah, finally figured out that stupid software to post pics. next time, they'll actually be in the posts. hehehe...


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Giovanni Ribisi at Comic-Con 2004

Ahhhh, yes... i don't care what anyone says. Those bedroom eyes, that messy hair.

Giovanni Ribisi at Comic-Con 2004 Posted by Hello

The Coreys: Comic-Con 2004

Apparently, all geek boys wanted to be the coreys and all girls wanted to be with the coreys...

The Coreys at Comic-Con 2004 Posted by Hello

The Boys and Me at Comic-Con 2004

Rod, Larry, Joe, Me... Thanks for coming down, guys!

Comic-Con 2004 Posted by Hello

IMDB post

check out steve's imdb post re: frank miller's sin city movie that's due out...


although, he forgot to mention that jessica alba was either really drunk or just really dumb. no, i'm not jealous. i'm just callin' it like i hear it. hehe...

anyway, steve has fanboys on imdb now! woohoo...

the rant - stupid boys at work

so, yesterday, i got a compliment on my watch. and i told the guy, i'll call him frank, that i got it for Wife Appreciation Week. now, wife appreciation week is an invention of steve's... for some reason, every once in a while, he starts sending me gifts in the mail, etc... (yes, i know. i have the best husband in the world!) anyway... so frank starts giving me a hard time about it.
frank: why do you get gifts? what do you get him?
me: hey, i cook and clean!
frank: YOU? clean????
me: what's that supposed to mean?
frank: you just don't look like the type...
me: what's that supposed to mean?
f: you're high maintenance...
me: what??? you don't even know me!!! how can you say i'm high maintenance! i totally clean!
f: (laughing) i just don't see you cleaning... and scrubbing toilets (still laughing)
me: wtf is that supposed to mean? i'm not high maintenance!
what a jackass. am i high maintenance? maybe in some ways, but not the way he's saying i am. i mean, you should see my nails... i never go shopping, i wear almost no makeup... how could he possibly say i'm high maintenance? steve says it's cuz i'm cute and have boobies. wtf is that supposed to mean?
well, fuck frank and his stupid comments. he doesn't know me for shit...
speaking of stupid shit frank says, one day he and this other guy, "chris" were at my cube talking like they're SOOOO enlightened and laughing about how some people still refer to asians as orientals. now, i'm korean, and i really don't care if someone calls me oriental. it's just that it's not that important to me.
f: my uncle called my wife oriental (his wife is filipino, btw) and she said: "i'm not a RUG"
c: (laughing in disbelief) i can't believe he said that!!!
f: i know! it was so embarrassing!
c: (still laughing in disbelief) i can't believe some people

now, keep in mind, these are 2 white guys....

me: it really doesn't matter. who really cares? asian, oriental, whatever. and for the record, if you really wanna get technical about it, your wife isn't exactly asian, either. she's a pacific islander.

f: oh, well, she doesn't really care, either...

me: oh, yes, she does. she wouldn't have made that "joke" otherwise!

f: *blushing* kinda changing the subject... yeah... okay... and then he started talking about work.

yeah... 1 - grace, 0 - stupid work boy.

hey, why is this double spacing every time i push "enter" now???? weird....

tom beland rawks!

omg! i did something really stupid yesterday. i wrote to tom beland because i felt soooo stupid about what a dumbass i was on saturday talking to him... (stupid deed + stupid deed = ???) then i really felt like banging my head up against the wall. i mean, i have a tendency to write letters to people, but then i never actually send them. i just usually feel better just by having it written down... but this time i actually pushed the send button...
anyway, yesterday, i was telling steve on the way home that i did a stupid thing and he laughed and said it was 'cute'... :( ugh. and i was hoping he just didn't get my email... maybe thinking it was spam or something...
but he wrote me back!i couldn't believe it! and what a nice ego-stroking email it was, too.... anyway, i'm so relieved he didn't think i was a complete dumbass... or maybe he was just being nice to me cuz he felt sorry for me. hehe...


the stalker

there's this guy here at work... we'll call him... Jackass. anyway, Jackass is a frickin' stalker. he doesn't know when to leave people alone and he doesn't know when they're annoyed by him. i can't even make eye contact when he comes to talk to me, even if it's about work because he's so damned annoying...
he's right in front of my cubicle right now. i'm not listening to a word he's saying. i'm just saying, "uh-huh, uh-huh," and looking at my screen as i'm typing... and he's still talking. even if it's about work, it's completely and totally useless.
wtf does he want? everyone hates him. when will he realize this? good lord, go away... yes, yes. you have a good evening, too, Jackass. phew! finally. sheesh.

. o O jewelz O o .

not that anyone besides jules is reading this... but if you do... check out her blog, too: http://jewleeyah.blogspot.com
oh, jules, what would i do without you? :)

The Coreys

damn! i forgot! the coreys were at comic-con! corey haim and corey feldman. corey haim wasn't looking nearly as fat as he was looking in that movie dickie roberts... but he is starting to look more and more like woody harrelson. maybe i just couldn't tell cuz we were kinda far away...

the "ugh" file

so, my friend, jules and i used to have an excel spreadsheet of boys we were boinging, operations we were running (operation effe 'em and leave 'em) etc... i just found it again the other day. ahhh, the good ol' days...
what a bunch of floozies we were... hussies, even. hehe...
but, as carefree as those days were, i don't miss it. i'm much better off this way. the hubby takes good care of me. heh heh.
that file went into the trash can. i hope the IT guys can't find it on my system. heh. i'd just DIE.

drama mama

hrm... for some reason, my friend who lives in monterey is always stuck in some sort of drama... must be something in the water... remind me to never move there. i can barely deal with the little things in life, let alone drama.
ya know, it's the little hassles in life that get me. i hate getting gas, going to the bank... picking up my birth control pills... sheesh.

bond, james bond.... and comic-con 2004

this is from salon.com... one of the best content sites on the Web. everyone should subscribe so they can continue to give us quality reporting... like this from their gossip column, "the fix" ...

Is Pierce Brosnan too old to play 007? After the actor griped that the Bond flicks were getting too "formulaic" -- and began stumping for more plot-centric and less special-effects-laden material -- Bond producers are said to have come around to his way of thinking. But word is they're also thinking Bond, younger Bond, and may replace the 51-year-old Brosnan with Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Colin Firth, Clive Owen, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler or Cuba Gooding Jr.
mmm, yeah. they can't possibly be serious about cuba, could they? lord, i hope not.
speaking of jude law, i saw him at comic-con 2004. good lord, he's dreamy. he was with giovanni ribisi... mmmm.... mmmm... mmmm... okay. i'm all right now. at any rate, they were there stumping for their new flick "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." i love them more than i hate gwyneth paltrow (female lead), so i'll go see it... also, angelina jolie is in it... and she's in an eyepatch. how cool is that???? heh...
comic-con was pretty effin' amazing this year. i got to see a couple of my fave artists... craig thompson (blankets - absolutely amazing graphic novel), chynna clugston-major (blue monday), and tom beland (true story: swear to god)... tom beland was really nice and down to earth... i got all tongue-tied, so i figure he thinks i'm a stuck up bitch. oh well. his book made me cry, it was so darn cute... i'm sure he hears that all the time, though. he drew me a sketch in my book i bought.... he inked it and everything. it was pretty nice... i still feel like a big ol' dumbass... i was just such a moron... yes, i'm a self-flagellator. but, i just feel so dumb still :( damn. i hate when i don't know what to say... :(
uhm, who else... who else... frank miller, robert rodriguez and some of the lovely ladies of "Sin City" were there to promote their flick. that looks like it's going to be hot! jaime king, rosario dawson, and jessica alba are gonna be in it... it looks like it's going to be kept really close to the source material... if you've not read frank miller's sin city stories, you absolutely have to. just classic.
matt stone/trey parker promoting their new marionette movie - team america: world police. that looks like it's just going to be comedy. i can't wait to watch it... the bad guy in the movie is kim jong il... i nearly pissed myself laughing so hard during the clips they were showing us... so, lessee... what else???
miles and miles of exhibitors, tons of free stuff... more geeks than you ever imagined you'd ever see... the first year i went, i was overwhelmed... but, every year it gets bigger and bigger...
it's funny, the first time i went (3 years ago) i was pretty scared. i mean, there were people there that i've never actually seen in public! guys that actually looked like the simpsons' comic book guy. and guys that look like they've never seen sun ... seems most people were very overweight or very skinny... and they're all in their element... so if you were a girl there, they tried to hit on you. i'm not trying to be mean or rude or anything, but boy... it was pretty sad... my husband (boyfriend at the time) let me get a drink of water by myself... by the time i got to the water fountain, there were 3 boys following me and another crowd just staring at me... i actually hadn't noticed until i bent over to take a drink from the fountain and my eye caught the 3 boys leaning over trying to catch a glimpse of cleavage or something... i was a little freaked out.
now, i don't care anymore. this last time i wore a school girl skirt that was cut so short, i actually thought it was a belt when i was in the store... har! Forever 21 rawks!

The boss is back...

my boss is really cool.... but, as cool as he is, it's even cooler when he's out on vacation. he was out all last week. i seriously think i got about 4 hours of work in ... all week. but he's back now. *sigh* this morning, he had me print out 377 pages of Fantasy Football Insights. uhm... yeah. it's nice that he's put me back to good use...


i started this because i think i email my husband too often during work. if i were him, i'd get tired of getting emails from me. heh... and i'm too lazy to keep a diary ... besides, i'm on the comp all day long. so this is much more convenient.