i'm a little late in the game, but...

check out this article i lifted from the english version of the chosun ilbo. first of all, it reads like a 3rd grader's book. second, gentle feminine and QUIET???? third... korean women AREN'T materialistic and they're submissive and kind??? wtf are they talking about!!!!!!

there are exceptions, of course, but almost all korean women i know (and i can say this cuz i'm korean) ARE SOOOO materialistic! that's ALL they think about!!!! and most are bitches. 'specially here in LA.

i resent this article... to think it came from my own people!!!! i think i'm going to vomit:

What is it about Korean Women that Western Men Like?

We know that Korean-American Alice Kim (Korean name: Kim Yong-gyeong) willmarry Hollywood star Nicolas Cage in June. Kim’s uncle, an executive at acredit agency, said in an interview with a Korean daily paper that, “I understand that Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage will marry in June.” This marriage may be postponed, however; Cage is leaving for Africa in July toshoot his new film, “Lord of War.”

Why are American film stars into Korean women? Kenny, an executive at a LAKoreatown broadcasting company, said in an interview with a Koreanbroadcaster that, “Korean women are submissive and kind. They are known to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for their husbands, help their husbandswell, and raise children well." There are also those who feel that in the eyes of Western men, East Asian women possess a sort of mysteriousness about them. They say that one can grow fond of the unknown “Orient."

24-year-old James Cecil, an American living in Korea, said, “Even Koreanwomen who are not though of as pretty by Korean men can give a sense of mystery to Western men.” 29-year-old English teacher Mike Conforty said,“Korean women are gentle, feminine and quiet. I think Korean women are theprettiest of all East Asian women.”

Western men also seem to find the purity and conservativeness of Koreanwomen attractive. 25-year-old USFK soldier Blake Selesnew said, “Americanwomen are too materialistic, but Korean women aren’t. They seem less snobby.” Korea University English instructor Zane Ivy said, “Korean women are conservative. They are conscience of what people around them think,depend on their families and parents and are submissive.”

Before Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage, other Hollywood couples with Koreanwomen included Wesley Snipes and Nikki Park and Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. Less well known was “About Schmidt” director Alexander Payne’smarriage last year to Korean-Canadian actress Sandra Oh. Meanwhile, WoodyAllen attended a literature event last October in Frankfurt, Germany andsaid he would write an autobiography containing the story of how he splitfrom long-time lover Mia Farrow and fell in love and married Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.


Blogger julia said...

what the hell??

"Korean women are submissive and kind.." have they met my mother??

"Korean women are gentle, feminine and quiet.." have they met my mother???

heheh.. i totally agree with you, korean woman are materialistic!! all the ones here in central cali are loud, annonying, snobby and money hungry. oh, and they gossip like nothing. i'm sure that all of alice kim's juicy stories will be spread through the korean community like wild fire. remember when we were at PUC and some rumors got spread about you and me? drugs, drinking, men.. my aunt in nashville called my mom... and i think something was said to your family..

korean women are ruthless!! --but i'm only half so i'm only a little ruthless.. =P

and... and.. how dare she marry my man!

1:47 PM  
Blogger grace said...

i know. tell me about it. anyway, i wanted to hurl when i read that. hehe...

it's okay that she married nicolas cage. he'll divorce her in about 2 weeks :P hehehe... that man has serious marital issues.

2:03 PM  
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