last night's dream

it's been a while since i posted anything about my stupid ass dreams....

after reading quyen's blog, i thought i'd write something, too. also, the blade in her dream, reminded me of my dream... and yeah, i'm a copycat. bite me.

i was in this house with someone. i don't remember who it is anymore. i guess we weren't supposed to be in there. we were alone at first and then it was filled with yakuza... like the crazy 88s in Kill Bill. we're hiding in the bathroom. the weird thing is, we could see out of the bathroom door, but they couldn't see in. we're leaning against the door and this girl comes upstairs and wants to use the bathroom. she's knocking on the door, and i answer in japanese that it's occupied. except it was korean. but she thought it was japanese. wtf?

she keeps on knocking and we realize that she's not leaving and we're going to get caught in there. so, we run out of the bathroom, knock her out and just run for it. we're on the second floor and we jump out of the window, and we end up in the pool. i don't know how to swim, but the pool was really narrow. the width is my arm span, just about. i just need to kick off the wall to reach the other side, but there's a current, so i get pushed back to the wrong side of the wall. which really shouldn't have mattered. i should've just gotten out of the pool and jumped across or ran around.

at any rate, i tried again and got to the other side. we look back and all the gangsters are starting to run after us. i see them jumping out of the windows. there are a lot of them. they all have swords. we start running for it. we're jumping over fences and barbed wire and trying to get away from them, but our wet clothes are slowing us down.

and then the bunny started her art project (tearing apart our screen door) and woke me up because it's so loud and annoying. which is good. i don't think that dream would've ended well.


Blogger Quyen said...

What's with everyone's fucked up dreams lately???

10:14 PM  
Blogger J. said...

Dream Interpreter:

It might be interesting (or too weird) to look up your key elements of your dream. Ha!

"Bathroom (lavatory)
Interpretation: They are most valuable in our daily life. In our dreams bathrooms may be equally valuable symbols. They suggest that there is a need for emotional and psychological cleansing. You may need to get rid of emotional and psychological baggage. It is difficult to be carefree and happy when old issues keep "bringing you down." The bathroom is a good dream symbol. Consider all of the details in your dream. Make an effort to cleanse mind and spirit by putting useless thoughts and feeling behind you!"

10:19 AM  

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