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Turkey Shoot. It was released under the name Escape 2000 when it came out in 1981. they shaved off 10 minutes of it so they could get the R rating. turkey shoot is the uncut movie. it was horrible. one of those so-bad-it-was-kinda-good-and-funny movies... and i love that the leading lady's real name is olivia hussey. and i love that the other main girl character's real name is lynda stoner. for some reason, that shit makes me giggle. the basic story: some "deviants" get a chance at freedom if they can survive a manhunt. the rich people hunt them down for sport. the weapons are awesome. exploding arrows (really lame effects) and a circus freak who eats toes and shit. it was so, so bad... and so, so amusing. the BEST part of the whole movie is when the female hunter finds her prey. my god, that's entertainment. i love the 80s.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. funny, funny stoner movie. and awesome dream sequences. i didn't even smoke, but i fucking had the munchies like you wouldn't believe. makes me wanna eat white castle burgers... and i've never even had it before... and NEIL PATRICK HARRIS on ecstasy has to be the funniest shit i've seen in a while... oh, man... good times...

Silver City. chris cooper does a SPOT ON impression of george w. bush. i thought it was good... not a happy ending. the rich people always get what they want, right? at the heart of it is a damned good story. i think there wasn't enough time to explain all the different directions it was going... chris cooper plays a politician who can't even put a coherent sentence together without a teleprompter and he's running for governor. he finds a dead body in the water and the discovery of the origins of this body threatens his bid for governorship. good god. when you look at that word a lot, it starts looking really fucking weird. governorship. governorship. governorship. governorship. governorship. weird.

The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear. animated movie. it was gorgeous. it looked like most of it (if not all) was done in watercolor. i wouldn't know because i'm not an artist, but i've heard that watercolor is a pretty difficult medium to work in. all i know is that the premise was good, but the dialogue and story were a little weak (didn't stop me from crying like a little bitch, though). i think it's from greenland... or one of those cold places. heh. unfortunately, we got the dubbed version. ah well. a bear couple's cub dies, so they steal a baby boy and raise him. when his parents steal him back, they have to deal with his bear tendencies and his desire to live as a bear. it was good, though...


The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is awesome. i thought i was close to being done before, but i was so wrong. there was just so much shit to find. i made steve beat the final boss for me. hehe. there was no way i was gonna try to do that shit. at any rate, it's a lot of fun. if you have a gameboy advance, it's a must play.


DJ Icey - For the Love of the Beat. they don't call him the king of the breaks for nothing. another great mix by dj icey... uhm... stay away from dj baby anne, though. that's his protege... and she sucks. she's just a pair of boobs behind a turntable. blah. he's always high-energy and good mixing skills.

Kasabian. one of the newer indie rock bands to come out of the UK. definitely worth a listen. reminiscent of the stone roses. one song in particular reminds me of radiohead, while another reminds me of oasis. catchy ass tunes and beats... they're almost famous... i hope they keep their sound. US release is out on march 8, although in the UK, it was september, last year.

SUV - Follow the Sun. SUV is one of the reprazent crew. 2 CD set. First CD is what they call "world music" (don't let that fool you. it's not really world music. it's just not drum 'n' bass). the second CD is the drum 'n' bass. it's not a mixed cd. just some really good tracks. it's a really solid album, though. it drops march 8.

Handsome Boy Modeling School - White People. this is a collaboration between dan the automator (gorillaz) and prince paul (de la soul). a ton of guests on this album, but it's not annoying. what was a little annoying was all of the little skits interspersed throughout. they were funny, but i didn't want to listen to them again... the music was great, though. it did a good job of spanning different genres, even if it had mostly hip-hop/rap in it. definitely worth a spin.

DJ Patife - Cool Step. drum 'n' bass with a lot of brazilian influence in it. (he is brazilian, after all) i love both types of music, so this album was fan-fucking-tastic. this is a great intro disc for people who don't know what drum 'n' bass is to get into d 'n' b. it's NOT heavy and hard like some drum 'n' bass can be (dieselboy, anyone?). great album, though.


i'm totally going to embarass myself here and write about the book i'm currently reading. Steven Erikson's book - the first of a series, called Gardens of the Moon. there are more books, but they're in hardcover i think...

i used to read the robert jordan books a long time ago. i haven't kept up on them so i think that he's written 6 books since i read them. and if i want to read them again, i'd have to start from the beginning. yikes. but, i might do that since i have no idea when the paperback versions of the rest of these books are going to come out. i think that people who write these fantasy-type books have to be autistic or something. i mean, christ. there's so much fucking detail! anyway, if you're into robert jordan, i would suggest checking out gardens of the moon. next time, it won't be such an embarrassing book! :P


Blogger julia said...

i've read up to book 6 of robert jordan's series. but i've bought all the other books.. AND there's a prequel.

harold and kumar go to white castle was so fucking hilarious.. made me wish i smoked pot. :P

4:16 PM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

harold and kumar was fucking great. i've never had a white castle burger, and it gave me serious cravings.

10:25 PM  
Blogger s! said...

hey Grace!! am back finally!! am gonna need a few days to read all your posts though.. and a few more to start writing about the holiday!! take care:-))

7:36 AM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

For all you folks craving "The Castle", take it from someone who grew up with them, you aren't missing a thing! Can you say Yuuuuuck!?

8:44 AM  
Blogger grace said...

jules: you're the only person craving pot instead of burgers :P hehe...

le: dude, tell me about it.

s: welcome back! :)

as: yeah, but... i still want them!

8:51 AM  
Blogger giest said...

I laughed my ass off at Harold and Kumar. I was ready for pure stupidity, but I was pleasantly surprised. The rabid raccoon and "Doogie" cracked me up!

9:40 AM  
Blogger The Cunning Linguist said...

You should check out the first Handsome Boy CD. Much, much better, and fewer skits.

11:41 AM  

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