things that PISS ME OFF

when there's an appointment made, it should be KEPT. if it can't be kept, then let me know. via email or via phone. WHATEVER. it's not like i'm not accessible. jeezus h. christ.

i had an 11AM call with my bro's counselor. it's now 12:15. mother fucker didn't call me back. i've been calling on refuckingdial constantly. he doesn't fucking pick up. and it's not like he's trying to call me when i'm calling him because i have 2 lines on my work phone and my cell phone is not being used right now.

i guess i'm just super annoyed because this is the only day (for another 2 weeks) that he has phone time for me. and he's got all these other fucking people to talk to, so it's not like i can just call him later. and besides that, i need to know if my brother passed his seminar so i can make flight plans... or not make flight plans... whichever the case may be.

he's so fucking flaky. he forgets to send me emails on the email weeks, he doesn't call me back... WTF???

and i'm afraid if i get mad at him or chastise him or whatever, he's going to treat my brother poorly. this guy's only 25... i say only 25 because he just seems so much younger. even though that's only 3 years younger than me... BUT STILL.

i hope he calls me. another thing, they're not supposed to call out of the facility. so i don't think he will... i will have to commence with the stalking via phone again.

but, after lunch. heh.

i hate him.


Blogger Ian said...

I hear you. Probably the only thing in the world that gets me really angry is when people waste my time. Like he's doing to you. Feel justified at being pissed off!

12:29 PM  
Blogger grace said...

hehe. i always feel justified in being pissed off :P hehehe... but right now i'm still pissed. it's 1:45. we had a call scheduled for 11. what a jackass.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

Maybe I'm just bee-yotch but I say ask to talk to his supervisor. That usually gets people in line quickly.

8:42 AM  

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