i take it back...

i love v-day :P okay, i'll be honest, i love the sex that comes with it :P

we had an early v-day last night. when we got home, i asked steve what he wanted for dinner and he thought maybe we should just go out so that i wouldn't have to cook :) what a nice boy he is.

we ended up going to this place called chakra. it's really nice. i loved the decor. and food was really good. really rich, but really good. but, one thing... they didn't have samosas on the menu. WHAT KIND OF FUCKING INDIAN RESTAURANT DOESN'T HAVE FUCKING SAMOSAS????


anyway, it was good, though... :) as jeremy would say, deliciousness.

then we came home and had dessert :P

no wait. before we came home, we were walking around the stores and stuff and we saw a candy shop. and i love sweets. so we went in there and we saw a little clock. it was so cute. it was in the shape of miffy. i *heart* miffy. yes, i realize that i'm 28 years old. but you can't deny the cuteness of the cute little bunny. and i love miffy more than candy... so steve bought it for me. i think we should have kids so that i can pretend that all this shit for the kids. it's getting embarrassing.

anyway, so when we got home, i just figured that i'd give steve the "present" i was saving for him for v-day... like i said, we don't really do anything. just little stuff. so i'm not going to say what i got steve. because it's embarrassing. it was nothing. heh.

and since i gave him mine, he gave me his :P heh. oh, wait. i keep jumping ahead. hehe... so then he gives me this little book (again, i'm not saying what it is... hehe.) let's just say it's super-kawaii!!! another celso machado cd (i LOVE him. if you love brazilian music, you must own his music). and then these glasses. they're so fucking awesome. they're wine glasses sans stems. some wine snobs hate them. you know, the whole "your hand temp is going to warm up the wine!!! oh my god!!!!" i am, as steve calls me, a wine snob, but i love these glasses. they were in our room at the prince hotel in melbourne. i'd read about them before and i was interested in them, but i figured we didn't really need them. we have a shitload of wine glasses as it is... but i thought they were really cool.. and they're great for people who don't have a whole lotta room because they double as regular glasses, too...

so yeah... i don't know why he does the shit he does. what a sweetheart, huh? he could've given me chocolate and i would've been happy... i guess i'll just eat some of the chocolate i gave him :P i'm a lucky, lucky girl. next year, i mean it. don't get me anything. except chocolate. :P


Blogger J. said...

♥ woman. What is so stinkin' difficult about using ♥ instead of *heart*, huh? TELL ME!!!


I'm with you on the chocolate. That's all I need. See's chocolate. But the whole month before Valentine's he drops little tease-bombs ... like "So, I went to Target because, you know, Valentine's is coming up ... " Gah! The stress. I *hate* surprises they stress me OUT. I wish there was a quick symbol for the word *hate*.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Yankeebob said...

It sounds like a great early V-Day for you two. Maybe tonight I'll have to instigate some fun too.

I love samosas! I can make a meal out of just those. Yum!

12:09 PM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

seeee, there are good qualities about v-day. :)

1:43 PM  
Blogger grace said...

jeanette: i don't do it because it drives you nuts :P hehe... and yeah... i typically don't like surprises either... but steve always does good ones, so i don't hate his. heh. i do get apprehensive, still.

yb: i know! samosas fucking rock! :D so you're going to "instigate," huh? :P hehehe...

1:43 PM  
Blogger Cece said...

That whole kid thing works, I tell you.
Why does Cristian have shitloads of action figures even though he doesnt play with half of them anymore? BECAUSE THEYRE MINE DAMMIT ALL MINE.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

Okay, I too love the chocolate but if chocolate were just for Valentine's Day, then I have V-Day every day, well every week! :)

Personally I like your first V-day post better. ;)

8:41 AM  

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