now, this was a fun, kickass movie... i didn't see the original or read the manga on which this is based, so i don't know how close the movie adaptation is to the manga.

it's set in the future. the main character, deunan knute, is the key to preventing the human rebel group from destroying the peaceful society that was created on olympus with the bioroids (manmade humans). oh, she's also this kickass soldier.

at any rate, there are some flaws in the story line... so i couldn't like it more, but i really did enjoy it. the technical aspects of this movie are just gorgeous. beautiful movie. great fighting scenes. i'm going to say 4 stars...

steve told me that the guy who wrote the original manga (masamune shirow) is also the creator of ghost in the shell. that manga influenced the wachowski brothers in the making of the matrix.

how's that for kickass?

i wish i was cool enough to be a geek... steve's geek friends (i just *heart* them) are starting a movie club. i might not be cool enough to join, but at least i have the connections to watch the flicks! yes! i *heart* steve! :) he's my connection to the cool geek guys and i'm his connection into the asian clubs with the skanks :P what a fabulous relationship we have. hehe.


Blogger J. said...

It's ♥, woman, not *heart*. Come ON!!!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Kurt Halfyard said...

Glad to see there are women out there that appreciated the movie geeks!!

The Battle Royale screening went down pretty good last night, but my wife convinced one of the attending girls not to watch it (And Shame on her for doing so, since she (my wife) had a lurid addiction to it when I watched it last year or so...)

Anyhow, check it out....and keep up the movie-geek appreciation...(I'm impressed that you got to see Appleseed, as the trailer for this thing only went online yesterday...(Although I know it played in Japan months ago...)

Ok, i'm going to end the ramble...


12:57 PM  

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