i've got it!

the flu, that is... this is no fun. no fun at all.

i wish i was home. i totally thought i wasn't going to get it this time, but saturday night... about 6 or 7, i starting feeling a little funny. and by 9pm, it was pretty much full-blown. *sigh*

the weekend was good, though. watched 3 movies...

1. jersey girl. not a typical kevin smith flick, but it didn't suck as bad as people said it did. i thought it was kind of cute and charming... it's all very predictable, but cute and charming, nonetheless. had funny dialogue... and damn, if that little girl doesn't look like a little version of jennifer lopez. anyway, worth a rent... why the hell not? oh, and george carlin is brilliant as ben affleck's dad. he makes up for ben affleck's non-brilliance.

2. home on the range. i am a sucker for disney movies. i absolutely love them. sure, disney's the anti-christ, but i can't help it. the movies consistently have heart... they're funny, witty... beautiful... the exception to this would be home on the range. you'd think i'd love it... cute little piggies, cute little baby chicks... big fat cows... what a waste of an evening. i'm even more crushed because i really WANTED to love it. i wanted to love it the way i love aladdin or mulan or the little mermaid... why did this movie suck so bad???? why??? how did they let it get released? i watched the whole thing... just waiting for a scene that i could love... but nothing. they gave me nothing. *sigh*

3. new police story (aka police story 5). i think this might have something to do with the supercop series, which is apparently wildly popular in hong kong. i'm not sure how many of the supercop movies i've even seen at this point. at any rate, i think jackie chan is getting a little old to be doing these stunts... i mean, he does always get hurt, but damn... i'm feeling kind of bad for him... then again, he gets paid a whole lotta money to do them... eh, fuck him. i do like him. i think his choreographed fighting moves are still pretty amazing... his stunts are still pretty cool... although the ones from when he was younger are better... NICHOLAS TSE has a big part in this flick. mmm... nicholas... he's gorgeous. he looks like he dropped some weight for this part. to look younger or something. at any rate, i didn't know until i just looked him up on IMDB.com that he was born in 1980. that just sounds weird to me. i immediately associate anyone born in the 80s with my brother and sister. now i feel dirty. anyway, if you're a fan of jackie chan and/or hong kong flicks, watch it. it's not exactly a well-thought out movie. it's pretty predictable and all... but still entertaining...

i remember when i first started dating steve ... he was at my apartment and he brought his portable dvd player over (i didn't have one. just a vcr. so sad.) and he pops in a movie. a hong kong flick. and i watched about 20-30 minutes of it and i was confused and annoyed... i was like, "WTF is going on??? none of this shit makes sense!!!!" he laughed at me... probably called me silly girl and said, "it's a hong kong movie... it's not supposed to make sense." so yeah... new police story isn't as bad as that... the story kinda makes sense, though it's a little bit out there, but it's still a hong kong flick. don't read too much into it, though.


Blogger J. said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. That sucks the big one. I hate being sick. *empathy waves going to you*

I watched movies all weekend, too. We started by going to see The Incredibles. Loved it. Then Saturday, we watched Mulan and Cheaper by the Dozen. Loved them both. (I never saw them before.) Then yesterday I watched Fiddler on the Roof. Good, but loooonnnng. Jeezus. 3 hours. Yipes.

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