fuck! finally!

blogger's been fucking with me all day!

i've been listening to hours of tiesto. hours and hours of tiesto. he's one of the greatest trance dj's ever. he did this two day thing... where he just spun for hours... i have 40 mins of the pre-party, 2.5 hours of day one and 4.5 hours of day 2, and the last hour of the set. currently in 1.5 hours of day 2. he put out a dvd last year of a very similar event...

at any rate, it's really great... he knows how to work a crowd. the only problem is... he's got this guest singer... she sang on some tracks on his album, just be. but she SUCKS live. dude, she was so fucking tone deaf... look, i'm not saying i'm the best singer ever. really, i'm not even good. but at least i'm not fucking tone deaf. christ, if you are a performer, you should be able to perform. jeezus. what in the fuck do you get paid for???? her voice is kinda sweet... in an off-key sort of way. god. if i were there, it would be a total buzzkill.

oh, and then there's this interviewer guy who runs around and asks random members of the audience questions... his english is... not so good. and he asks them questions like, "how amazing is dj tiesto for you? the man?"


and i think this may be his favorite question, "how amazing is this concert for you?"

we saw him at... fuck. was it giant or spundae? i don't remember. yes, that is how fucked up i was. anyway, we were way up in the front (this was a while ago. before i got all claustrophobic and shit) and this guy was holding up a shirt that i presume he made.

you know those shirts that have pictures for words? what are they called??? you know... for the word fear, they'll put an F + (picture of an ear)... yeah. those.

so, he's got this shirt. there's a cup of hot liquid + the letter S + picture of a foot, toes prominent. TEA + S + TOE = Tiesto. right? right! i was so fucked up, i kept looking at it like, what the fuck???? coffee's foot? coffee's foot? steve, wtf is coffee's foot? yeah, keep me away from the alcohol. i turn into a raving idiot. steve was just looking at me like he couldn't believe i was being serious.

when we were in europe last year, we saw tiesto on the train. we'd missed our first train and we were kinda bummed... we were on our way to amsterdam and we didn't have a hotel room lined up, so we were a little freaked out. steve had gotten us first class tickets on the train and in our very train car was tiesto. i was too shy to run up and sit on his lap and tell him how i love him... i should've gotten his autograph. fuck!

i'm not really into celebrities and shit, but when it comes to DJs, i'm all over that fucking shit. i'm the biggest teeny bopper, starstruck girl EVER. anyway, yeah.

we saw the stanton warriors at club sugar once. i love that club. it's intimate and fun... anyway, they were there... we stayed there until it closed and i gave them a HUGE hug and kiss ... and i said something in my drunken stupor about them being my favoritest DJs ever and them playing the bestest set ever. i can't remember now.

lest, you think i have a drinking problem, i don't. it just seems like it. denial? pffff.

*edit: fuck! i hate being wrong! the cd is tiesto's full 8 hour day... holy crap. the man is a machine*


Blogger J. said...

Wow. This sounds kind of like your dream that you had. Except without the violence.

Actually, the Coffee's Foot thing was really funny. Hee hee.

6:56 PM  

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