what's up with the yellow fever

i hate it when guys have yellow fever... you know, those guys that only like asian girls. why???? i don't fucking get it. oh, and i hate it when they call us "exotic." i understand that it's supposed to be a compliment, but it's kind of annoying.

when we were in new orleans, i stayed at the tent with dance music and steve, his friend, and jules went to go check out kid rock because, well, i hate kid rock. 2 guys, at 2 different occasions, walked up to me and told me i was "exotic." i should've just looked at them all puzzled and told them i didn't speak english. wait, maybe that would've been worse. then again, there were a bunch of weirdos there... one guy walked up to me, rubbed my tummy the way i rub steve's stomach, and said in my ear, "helloooooooooooo..." "uhm... hi?" i swear he was sniffing me.

anyway, i don't get it. i noticed that in high school, the guys from the sticks would just date the asian girls. they fucking couldn't get enough of the asian girls... but now i am seeing who they're marrying... and they're all white chicks. what's that all about?

oh, i see, asian girls are good for fucking but you don't bring them home to mom. fuck you guys. that's just fucked up and disrespectful. asian girls are not here to be your fucking prostitutes. rat bastards....

especially after psycho (the king of yellow fever), whenever i dated a guy and i happened to see that all of their ex's were asian, it was O V E R.

i don't know why it bugs me so much. it's just annoying... i'm not saying that people can't have a preference or a type or anything, but to rule out someone (for a lay or for a relationship) because they are or aren't a certain race is just fucking stupid to me.

and for the record, just because steve married me, it doesn't mean he has yellow fever. he loves all the ladies. he's unbiased, an equal opportunity lover... hey, wait a second... :P


Blogger Kis Lee said...

i hear ya, grace. my man has a slight asian fetish, but not full blown yellow fever. i think i'm the 2nd asian chick he's ever dated.

guys w/ yellow fever are annoying b/c they expect you to be a certain way. for example, they act surprised when they meet a strong-willed asian female. they think, hey aren't you supposed to be submissive or something? that's probably the most common (and most retarded) stereotyping i see.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Cece said...

hmmm. Thats interesting. Grace. You are beautiful. It's no wonder guys try to sniff you. Hope you feel better.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Trust Tyler said...

I'm afraid, I may be one of those guys. Although, I have to say, I've only ever dated one asian girl and that ended because her parents didn't like her dating a white guy :-/

I'm not exclusively attracted to asian girls, I'm just especially attracted to them. Saying that, I don't find *all* asian girls attractive.

I don't know what it is, I just see a good looking asian lass and I go weak at the knees. Sowwie :-(

2:56 AM  

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