normally, i copy post elsewhere before i try to publish ... especially now that blogger's been such a BITCH....

however... i just wrote one... and it was pretty short...and blogger didn't seem to be giving me too much of a problem... and i lost it. *smacks self on forehead* D'OH!

i have no idea what i was babbling about. damn.

oh yeah. i remember now.

i was writing about how fucking sad i am. not as in depressed sad. i mean like... i'm a sorry ass kinda sad. this morning on the way to work, i was going through my cell phone, deleting out old entries, etc... and i realized that... i have MORE work contacts than i do family and friends... COMBINED. is that not SAD? and the family # includes my dad, my mom and my sister. for each of their cell phones. how embarrassing.

i'm a fucking loser.

what else... what else was i babbling about.. oh yes. the white bunny fur ALL OVER MY BLACK PANTS because she always insists on rubbing her fat, white-furred body all over my legs whenever i'm wearing black... like she's marking her territory... telling all the other bunnies that i'm her bitch.

of course i forgot to delint myself before leaving home... so i had to use scotch tape all over myself when i came into work. do you have any idea how much tape i had to use? i think i used a third of a roll of scotch tape.

at least it's a 3 day weekend. wooty woot! :) and my boss told me to go home at lunch. guess who's taking an early lunch? :P


Blogger Jeremy said...

Deleting contacts from your cell phone tends to be a sad activity, I've noticed. The ones I delete are people I haven't had contact with in a long time, and I always think: "I should really see how such-in-such is doing." Then I think: "No, that would be too awkward." DELETE!

Sad, but neccessary.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Envoy-ette said...

I've had falling outs with almost all of my friends. They are such porcupines...soooo sensitive! When I find another...it's time to move....and I lose the address. My mom hasn't seen my kids, (her grandkids) in 3 years! I know what it's like to be lonely. That's why I throw myself into my Hubby and kids. They're all I've got.

5:11 PM  

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