blogger... GAH!

wtf? blogger's fucked up again. usually i check here to see if there's something going on... but NOTHING.

stupid thing. if i weren't so addicted, i'd stop reading other people's blogs... yes, it is THAT frustrating. good thing i'm addicted.

i can't wait for this 3 day weekend...

i love my statcounter. i don't get the good things like mike does... like that dirty shit he gets... but i still laugh sometimes...

i got "yellow asian fever" once... i get a LOT of hits from searching for nicolas cage and alice kim. whatever... hrm... i got "thoughts on boyshorts" today. was someone checking to see what the popular opinion was on boyshorts or something? well... whoever did the search, BOYSHORTS ARE CUTE AND SEXY!

okay... anyway... i always wonder about those searches...

i wish i had better ones.

i'm going to have to start talking about dirty, dirty shit. but my friend johnny told me that he would stop reading my blog if i ever went into detail about our sex life. you have to understand, johnny's known me since i was about 10. i'm sure it makes him feel dirty or something. only for you, johnny... i'd bet more people would read my blog if i started talking about how i like to talk dirty and i like it rough sometimes. HAH! kidding! kidding! just trying to gross you out! you know i love you.

hey, someone clicked on my blog while doing a search on wifey world. what the fuck is that???? wifey world? is it someone looking for a mail order bride? or maybe for dirty pics of men's wives. hrm...

yesterday, we watched live tv in our home for the first time in... months. maybe it was years. no, we didn't get cable. we have an AVPC and we hooked up an antenna to it.

i got to see LOST while it was actually airing. shocking, i know. the only thing i hated was the fact that we had to watch commercials. next time, we'll record the first 15 mins or so... and then start watching so we can just skip all the commercials, but still finish watching it at the same time :) woohoo! it's like tivo. but it's a PC. god. technology fucking rules!

is it lunchtime yet? i'm fucking starving... and i never did get that doughnut.


Blogger J. said...

Blogger is driving me crazy! It's so slow. I am with you on the 3 day weekend, mentally. Not physically. Speaking of physically, where the hell is Veronica?

Oh, and the sweet tooth? It's because you stood me up last night.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Kiss Me Im Italian said...

Mmmmmm dooouugghhnuuttt...*drool*

4:35 PM  
Blogger mcgibfried said...

i agree... more people would read if you got into the down and dirty details!

8:25 AM  
Blogger giest said...

OMG OMG!!! I can comment for once! Woohoo! I'm with ya on the three day weekend Grace! Except mine is a four day weekend...hehe. Hate me now.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Anon said...

I've been trying to comment on you for DAYS! This is the first time I've gotten thru and now I've forgotten it all. Poo.

Hi Grace! Missed commenting and you're crackin' my ass up this week!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Trust Tyler said...

MmmmMmmmmm Boy shorts! SooooooooooOOoooo Sexy!

9:25 AM  
Blogger grace said...

jeanette: who knows where v is... hehe... she's abandoning us :( i just didn't want to pressure you into giving me sweets... heh.

lar: you are such a chubby kid deep inside, aren't you? me, too :P

mc: i know... you're probably right... but not grossing out my friends is more important than getting strangers to read my blog :P

giest: i do hate you now. thanks. heh.

j: i know! blogger's been such a fucking whore lately. she needs a good smacking. 'cause that's what whores need.

tyler: you gonna be okay over there? :P

10:01 AM  

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