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Bride and Prejudice. based on Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." (as if you couldn't tell from the title.) it's fun. funny. if you like musicals. there aren't that many songs in it. hehe. it's silly and cheesy, but at least it knows it. all i know is i love indian music videos. it was so much fun! from the director of Bend it Like Beckham. i doubt it will do as well as "Beckham," but it's definitely worth a watch... at least for the gorgeous Indian ladies. holy god. particularly aishwarya rai. the biggest bollywood star. she's 32 years old (according to IMDB's profile) but ... she could pass for early 20s. steve says she was a previous miss world or something. my god. she is sooooo gorgeous. i just want to keep her in a glass box or something and keep her protected from the whole world. yes. it sounds like i have an unhealthy obsession with her. i might. heh. hey, imdb says she gained 20 lbs for the role. i think she should keep it. she looks so cute! *sigh*swoon* good god. i'm like a lovesick schoolboy. heh...

Rivers and Tides. i love documentaries... this is about an artist, andy goldsworthy, who uses elements in nature to create art... there is just something so beautiful about the whole thing. he creates something absolutely amazing and then can watch it as time passes and it falls apart. like the whole cycle of life in a mere few hours. well, some of them stand longer than just a few hours... god... it was just all so beautiful.

Shark Tale. oh, god. just don't. it was sooooo awful. not as bad as Home on the Range. but awful, nonetheless. just has big names attached to it. what a load of total shit. it is beautiful... so if you're into the whole animation thing, maybe you could just watch it with the sound off... good lord. there was one good line in the whole entire movie. the sexy fish (if there is such a thing), lola (voiced by angelina jolie... who's sexier than angelina??? *meow*) says to the stupid fish (will smith), "deep down inside, i'm really superficial." that's the best line ever. i even changed julia's name on the side bar to say that :P muwahaha.


Simply Jeff. funk 'n' trip... like the title suggests... funky and trippy sounds of the breaks from orange county's own breaks DJ. he started dr. freeclouds, the best store for dance music in OC.

Faithless - Faithless Forever. this is their greatest hits album. i don't think they're that big in the states, but they're pretty popular elsewhere. faithless is sister bliss (dj), rollo (dido's brother... i'm guessing he probably got her a start in music. but i don't know for sure), maxi jazz (frontman). it's a great album, especially if you like faithless. a lot of downtempo stuff... they do have the occasional happy track, but i never seem to like those as well....

Mitch Hedberg. okay, this isn't really music. comedy cd. of course i can't remember the name of the cd at the moment. i didn't like him for the first few minutes. i couldn't understand a damn word he was saying and it was pretty annoying... he fucking MUMBLES. but after a while, he really cracked me the fuck up. (thanks, johnny! we love it!)


Zelda: A Link to the Past. i don't care what steve says. this isn't as good as the other one i just finished. meh. it's really annoying... i still play it just because it pisses me off, but i should just give up. i suck at it. i hate old games. you can't do anything unless it's at right angles. what the fuck? it's just fucked up. fuck princess zelda and the kingdom of hyrule. pffff.

Winnie the Pooh: Rumbly Tumbly
. the cutest game ever! i, uhm... was just testing it out... uhm... for my cousin. i mean, if it sucks... i don't want her to play it. you know? uhm. yeah. anyway, it's cute... and it's a good game for like 6 or 7 year olds. heh. uhm... not for 28 year olds. uhm. no way. nope.


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*drooooolll* yep, aishwarya rai was Miss World in '94.. try getting your hands on 'Monsoon Wedding' and 'Bollywood Calling'.. more hilarious movies in the same vein actually!

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