Minako Update

so, last night, minako calls me.

minako: hi, grace... it's minako!
me: hey! what's going on?
minako: not much *small talk - blah, blah, blah* so, about miami...
me: yeah?
minako: looks like chad will most likely come out, too...
me: oh, yeah? cool... that's great!
minako: so i'm thinking that we may need our own room...
me: yeah, sure, of course... no problem...
minako: because we're planning on having really wild sex.
me: uhm... HAHAHAHA... okay... thanks... uhm... okay...
minako: no, i'm serious. we're planning on having wild sex.
me: HAHAHAHA... okay...
minako: (finally starts laughing)

i swear to god, that woman wants to give me a heart attack. maybe it's only funny to me because i know what chad looks like. KIDDING, KIDDING. he's a nice looking guy.

(steve, you tell him i said that, i will hurt you, so help me god. hehe)


Blogger J. said...

You might wanna keep your S&M tendencies off your blog. I mean, you *never* know who might be reading. Heh.

P.S. Plus, don't guys *like* to be hurt?

2:55 PM  
Blogger grace said...

so, i've heard... :P

10:21 AM  

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