last night

we went to the huntington beach beer co. just one of those brewing places that have a restaurant. it's on main street in HB. (btw, the calamari is gross. absolute shite. don't eat it. the fries and the onion rings on the other hand... mmm mmm mmmm)

anyway, we were there because a couple that steve knows is moving to denver, CO. chad and steve have known each other for about 12 years now. chad is funny. actually, chad reminds me a lot of mike. hehe. but, not as funny.

chad and his wife, minako (emphasis is on the first syllable) were high school sweethearts. cute, huh? minako was a foreign exchange student at chad's school.

now, minako is japanese. take every japanese stereotype you have and throw it out the window. this lady is ... not very "japanese." first off, she's TALL. she's like, 5'11". i shit you not. maybe 6'0" i don't know. she's FUNNY and LOUD and doesn't have any real sense of ... uhm... decorum or shame. she used to do amateur nights at comedy clubs. i mean, the lady's funny. her english is fluent, but she still has a slight japanese accent.

chad and minako are about 38 now. they don't have any kids. minako looks really good for 38. really good. it's not that she looks like she's 18 or anything, but the older she gets, the better she looks.

anyway, i'm going to miss them. they're a funny couple. and as bold and brash as she can be, you can't NOT like her. she's never malicious in anything she says, so, it doesn't really bother me.

we were talking about maybe going to miami in feb. and she basically just invited herself along and said, if you guys don't mind sharing a room with me... i mean, how can you say no to her, right? she's just so freakin' charming. anyway, so we said it was fine... and she says, "oh, good... we'll just get two beds... and if you guys wanna go ahead and have sex, that's fine........ i'll just watch."

the shit that comes out of her mouth just kills me. i guess i don't really expect it from her because it's not like she and i are that close. i would say that to one of my friends in a heartbeat, but they know me. i have only hung out with her a handful of times. i don't feel comfortable saying that kind of shit to her, but she's comfortable around everyone.

unfortunately, i can't remember all of the gems she was saying last night, but the best thing she said all night was while we were leaving. (she was wearing a pink top, a pink jacket, jeans, pink shoes, pink bag...)

(keep in mind that she talks pretty loudly)
she stands up: am i pink enough for ya?
me: that's uhm... a lot of pink...
minako: i'm wearing a pink bra, too..
me: really?
minako: my nipples are pink, too.
me: mouth open, eyes wide... then i start laughing my ass off...

all the guys at the bar perk up with the word nipple and they're looking at us walking out. minako's completely oblivious to this... and then says:

i wish. you know, asian nipples are never really PINK. they're like... brown, little raisins or something. well, i guess it depends on the size of the nipple... and she's going on and on and on.

oh my god. i nearly died. i was laughing so fucking hard. well, you have to love her. i'm going to miss her. it's not a party at our house unless minako shows up. hehe.

i think we may be planning to go visit them over the 4th of july weekend. i've never been to CO.


Blogger J. said...

*gasp, gasp* OMG, I'm laughing so hard, I'm trying catch my breath. That's hilarious! LOL

11:15 AM  
Blogger julia said...

holy shit she's funny.. i freakin' snorted when i read " my nipples are pink, too." thank god nobody's at work right now.. hehehehe..

12:52 PM  
Blogger Rome said...

Dear... um.. you! *I suppose your name is Grace?* Hi *waves* Sorry if I'm invading or something, but I got bored and I got to your blog through Adam's. Good long posts (most of them) and if they're not long, they're still interesting anyways. Blogger power? *smiles* Ok. Just wanna say that's an interesting (and good blog) Congrats on 400+ posts ^_^. Later days ~Ramil (by the way.. excuse the informality: that's my name right there) LoL. Later!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Yankeebob said...

That is so funny! I love Minako without ever meeting her. I like hanging out with someone like that. Never a dull moment.

7:03 AM  
Blogger little one said...

Aren't people lacking conversational inhibitions awesome?!? Love'um! Nipples can get pretty crazy across the board, come to think of it. My fav was a friend in high school, good sized, but square with rounded corners. Nipples...a whole world of novelty! heehee...

8:29 AM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Just recently I learned that nipples could actually be pink. All this time I thought all nipples came in one color. Hah!

12:45 PM  
Blogger byheart76 said...

awe...just reading your blog I already miss her. I like her alot ...yep. Hey, tell her I said hi. and If she has any nutrition information....she can email me anytime. you can give her my card (the one i gave to you) i can give you another one. but only if she wants it. (: so....what'cha gonna do for your birthday? welcome to the 2* club. :p darn it...we must be getting old cause I was about to write your age and decided not to just in case.

2:24 PM  
Blogger grace said...

jeanette: she's a funny one, all right :P

jules: you never met her?

rome: thanks for the visit :) btw, i'm way over 500 posts now! :P i don't know why blogger won't update my damned profile.

yb: yup. NEVER a dull moment :P

LO: thanks for the visit... like, little pencil erasers, or what? :P

v: lmfao... more porn for v! :P

b76: eh, i don't care... thanks, though. hehe... i mean, what does everyone think the 77 stands for in my blog site? :P

4:07 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

I'm a '77 baby too.

8:48 AM  
Blogger little one said...

the areolas were squarish, it was too amusing for me to ever really notice the nipple part of the nipple. Something along eraserhead, as I recall, though.

8:24 AM  

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