i *heart* steve so much

like cece says about roy...

if steve ever tries to leave me, i'm chaining him up... except not outside because:

1. we don't have a backyard
2. i don't want him anywhere neighbors could see him... or hear him call for help.

and i will, too. i'm fucking crazy like that.

he's coming home today! yay! and he won't have internet access until he's actually back in town. so he can't read this post and stay away because he's too scared to come home. muwahahahaha...

last night's dinner went okay. i was a little uptight until i got a vodka tonic and a few glasses of wine in me. i actually have no idea how much wine i really had because they just keep on coming and pouring... maybe 2 glasses? maybe 3 or 4? who really knows? eh, no one's keeping count, anyway. i didn't get out of control or anything. wine makes me happy. it's the vodka shots that make me crazy. :P

it's probably a good thing i don't really have friends near me. we'd all turn into alcoholics. it wouldn't be pretty. dinner was fantastic. we went to antonello ristorante at south coast plaza. probably the best italian restaurant i've ever been to. (then again, we don't usually go to too many italian restaurants... even though i love italian food.) i wouldn't make steve take me there, though. kind of expensive. tasty desserts.

we had a really good wine, too. except i can't remember the name of it now. i don't think i'll ever remember. damn. we could probably find it at hi-time wine cellars (the best liquor store ever. it's your one-stop vice shop. liquor, cigarettes, cigars, candy, chocolate and tasty chocolate creations.)

so, yeah. it didn't suck. i almost had a heart attack when i saw the bill, though. i don't know why. you think i'd be used to seeing those, especially since i've been with them when they go out in vegas.

and my boss almost had a heart attack when he saw how much i ate. everyone was all mortified. "my god! you're a frickin' animal!"

hey, i never claimed to be lady-like.

i was the youngest one at the table, as usual. "what? you were born in 1977??? i just graduated from college!" one of the few times i feel young again. heh... not that i think i'm old. just every once in a while, i feel like i shouldn't be 27 already. i feel like i should be... i dunno. younger, damn it!

i told the boss how i'd been with him now for 4 years now. "shit! i gave you the best years of my life!!!" funny that i've known him longer and i probably spend more time with him than i do with steve. not ha ha funny. weird funny.

i got home and got a message on my phone. i was all buzzed and my phone says i missed a call from nina! so i called her back. and as the phone rang, i realized that she's one hour ahead. oops. :( i felt so bad.... we had a nice conversation... i missed her. she's really funny... you know how funny she is on her blog? well, multiply that by 10, at least... she was killing me....

she wanted to know what to get steve. i wish i had a good answer for her. shit, i don't even know what to get steve. this is going to be the worst xmas for him ever :( i only got him a few things... i dunno. it drives me insane that whenever he wants something, he just goes out and buys it. he doesn't leave me anything good to get him for xmas. see, nina? he's not perfect. he is a pain in my ass at xmas time.


Blogger Kis Lee said...

hey are you one of those petite chicks who eat like a horse?! that's cool! i eat a lot, too. i eat small meals throughout the day. i'm a grazer. :D

my boyfriend gave me a little list of what he wants for xmas. i am just sticking to the list. it's much safer that way.

10:36 AM  
Blogger J. said...

Heh heh ... and that's the same restaurant MY company's Christmas dinner was at. You didn't, by chance, see a drunk man passed out in the grass, did you? Heh heh heh heh ...

10:54 AM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Oh yeah! 1977 was a good year! ;o)

Hey just because you eat like a horse, doesn't make you a frickin' animal! Heh!

2:50 PM  
Blogger Nina said...

I found what I was looking for! Yay me! Steve, you are not getting man slippers. That was my second idea since Grace is always talking about her bunny slippers. I thought you needed some bunny...I mean MAN slippers.

I need to eat. Hey, how about mailing me some left overs? I haven't been cooking lately.

Hi times, to quote Michael, "Rocks out with my cock out!" One of us would become an addict. Let's just say it would be the one who pours a whole glass of wine at a wine tasting...hmmmmm....who could that be?

Thanks for the pep talk, it helped a lot. I just heart you.:)

5:25 PM  
Blogger giest said...

Hey, I got ideas for Steve. For Xmas get him a bread trimmer, beard comb, beard shampoo...hmmm, what else...

6:17 AM  

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