i'm too depressed... so i'm going to just post about the shit i listened to at work while i was ignoring phone calls and visitors to my cube yesterday.

bad company's inside the machine. amazon uk says it's pretty old, but the beats are still fresh. drum 'n' bass.

black sun empire's driving insane. drum 'n' bass.

faithless, sunday 8pm. i fell in love with faithless when steve handed me a copy of outrospective. we come 1 is a great song. but back to faithless. it's mostly just a pair of producers, rollo and sister bliss. she's apparently a very good house dj on her own. i wouldn't know, unfortunately. they're usually pretty downtempo.

roni size: return to v
what can i say besides he's my god of drum 'n' bass. new forms is still my favorite album... i love roni. and steve and i officially met at a roni show. what more can i say?

one hour one world session with smith & mighty. i hate to go to mtv for a bio on smith & mighty, but i'm too lazy to look elsewhere right now.

one hour ministry of sound session with sasha.

1/2 hour dillinja mix on breezeblock. drum'n' bass. noticed that he loves to throw his name into songs on his cds. doesn't do it as much during sets.

i just finished listening to a live set at one big weekend with fatboy slim. he consistently makes me want to dance. and he's one of those djs that mixes in what the fuck ever into his sets. it's pretty fucking cool... ming+fs are some other djs that do that... i know there are a few others... but i can't think right now.

currently i'm listening to more drum 'n' bass. drum 'n' bass always makes my day seem a little better... even when it's just SHITE.
bad company: digital nation


Blogger giest said...

OMG! Grace, thank you! I can't believe I never stumbled on these masters of mixing before! I love this type of music and can never get enough! Roni Rocks! Thank you! Sorry for all the exclamation marks...it's 2 in the morning.

10:02 PM  
Blogger grace said...

giest... glad you found it interesting... i'm never sure if anyone even cares about what i'm listening to, but just in case, i just feel like i have to spread the word, ya know??? :)

11:20 AM  

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