how do you spell relief???

M O Z I L L A...

i just hope i don't get busted for downloading the software... hehe...

it was driving me insane!!! i couldn't read blogs... i was going into withdrawls!

the stupid hello program is lagging. so i can't post the pics for part 2 of new zealand... and i don't have the australia pics yet... (meaning, steve needs to take the nudie pics out. hehe. uhm. j/k. well, they weren't NUDE. uhm. never mind.)

we brought the bunny home last night. grandma had completely spoiled her. she was all sprawled out like cleopatra on the floor inside... she gained even more weight... she was all happy and comfy...

when we got home, we stuck her in the bathroom. we need to unspoil her now! god, i'm going to make the best mom EVER.... in the whole world, even!


Blogger Kis Lee said...

nudie pics, eh? *eyesbrows raised*

i like the other pics, grace.

12:20 PM  
Blogger julia said...

oh goodie, we get to see gracie's big boobies?

jeezus, monkey is freakin' huge, how can she gain even more weight? the other neighborhood bunnies probably call her bunzilla.

1:03 PM  
Blogger grace said...

:( she's just big-boned :(

1:13 PM  

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