stomach operations

there was this article in the health section of the paper today about this boy who had a severe weight problem. he was 5'9" and 385lbs or something like that. they said he had hormonal problems, blah, blah, blah...

after the stomach surgery, he's now 5'11" and 185lbs. uhm... and steve made a good point. if it was hormonal, why would the stomach surgery help him lose weight? if it was a hormonal problem, he'd still be a lardass.

maybe he got hormonal problems because of his obesity, but he was not obese because of it.

i think way too many people use their thyroid or "hormone problems" as their excuse... my friend is a nutritionist and she said that the thyroid being the reason why someone is overweight is pretty rare. and there are also people who have an issues with their thyroids who are in the normal body weight.

i hate that. just admit you have a problem. maybe a slow metabolism or you're a closet eater. stop blaming shit on your thyroids. and if you're convinced, go to the doctor. they can do some blood tests and they'll let you know if it is indeed your thyroid.

okay. i'm going back to work now. damn stupid work.


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