so, we have absolutely no plans for halloween. i never really went trick or treating as a kid. i never really got dressed up and stuff. so i'm not really into it. but i feel like we should do something fun. i just don't know what yet.

we never get trick or treaters, either. every year, i buy candy, just in case... and every year, we end up eating all the candy. it's like they're too lazy to walk up the goddamned steps. lazy ass brats. fine. fuck you. i'll keep my damned candy.

we were kinda thinking about maybe going to monster massive, but... it's $75 a pop. and that's before ticketbastard rapes us with service charges. and we've still got our big upcoming vacation. so it's probably not a good idea...

what to do? what to do?


Blogger Mel Mega said...

I hear ya on the candy thing. Every year I buy candy and every year, like 4 kids come to my door. Now I just turn the lights off and watch a scary movie.

Also, it seems like no one ever knows of parties until the last minute. So every year I don't buy a costume and then run around at the last minute trying to find something! I hate that!

11:30 AM  
Blogger Quyen said...

LOL My friend who's black told me last night that she's going to go to a party dressed in what she usually wears everyday... I'm like, "That's no fun! Why not wear a costume?" She says, "Oh, I am. I'm gonna be Tina Turner." No comment.

Anyway, go to one of those haunted houses... it's like $30 for 2 ppl, but it's so scary... I love them, even though I lose my voice from screaming after going throught them. One time, we went to 2 haunted houses in a row and since I lost my voice on the first house, I was just rasping at them at the 2nd one hahaha :P

12:03 PM  
Blogger grace said...

MM: i dunno. i don't like scary movies. yes, i'm a big wuss. heh.

Q: your friend's got a good point. i think i'll dress up as lucy liu or something. yeah... hehe.

2:11 PM  

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