watched last night's episode of LOST at lunch... what the fuck? damn. i love that show. fucking genius...

i love those flashbacks... and i'm confused... it was a little bright outside, but i was pretty sure that the coffin was empty... right? i mean, it must've been empty, i mean, he was bashing that thing in pretty hard.

and matthew fox is still hot. *meeeeow* steve tried to cover my eyes when he ripped his shirt off all manly-like and jumped into the ocean. *grawr* i still saw it, though. so there. :P

i still hate that korean dude. i seriously can't understand a goddamn word he's saying... it's so awful.... and i hate the way he portrays korean men to be all misogynistic and shit. they might be. i wouldn't know. though, from what i've seen the korean-american types are a bunch of pushovers. i'm still waiting for the korean chick to hook up with the black dude who ran into her bathing herself.

am i the only one who thinks the main chick looks like kate beckinsale?

steve's friend said that he said "oh, shit!" about 6 times during the episode.... i think i only had about 3...

looks like abc picked up lost for another season or something like that. yay.


Blogger American Blogger said...

gdamnit, i still haven't caught that yet :(

7:43 PM  
Blogger grace said...

come on, AB! all the cool kids are doing it!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

Finally got to see Lost on one of the "recap" nites. It was pretty good. Heck, who am I kidding...loved it! But I couldn't figure out something that must've happened during one of my out in the kitchen scourging for food breaks. How did Jack die? And why is the coffin empty? Somebody's got to catch me up to date...

1:55 PM  

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