last night

we met the friend at the elephant bar... (crap entrees, pretty good drinks, pretty good apps)

he must've been having a slow year or something. i heard no sordid stories of his latest sexcapades. thank god. they just gross me out.

he is still annoying and creepy, though. i told him i wouldn't have recognized him because of the beard he's growing out. he said, "well, i wouldn't have recognized you at all!" and then i think he caught his gaffe and said, "you're like pretty asian lady #985." uhm... yeah. i would've preferred that he left it with the first comment. what the hell? what a fucking weirdo.

we're waiting for our table and i asked him what he teaches. and before i can even get the full question out of my mouth, he answers, "sex ed." and then i remembered i asked him that last year when we saw him and he said the same thing. damn. i have to remember not to ask him that anymore.

he's gotta have some sort inferiority complex or something because all he does is boast and brag. it's pretty annoying.

so, yeah. the entire night was pretty much spent listening to him boast. yeah. it was great.

on the up side, i had a tasty girly fruity martini and a lot of appetizers. we got chicken lettuce wraps and the super sampler plate mmmm... had potato skins, chicken fingers, buffalo wings, nachos, garlic bread... and dips and such. i felt like i had been dunked into a vat of crisco with my mouth open. ew. but it still tasted good, even though i felt like i needed to purge after that binge.

last time i'd gone to the elephant bar, it was for my friend lilly's bday. i took her out to lunch. and she convinced me that the creme brulee was to die for and made me get my own. i'm never listening to her again. that creme brulee was so fucking nasty.

never ever get the creme brulee there.

when we got home, i was really sleepy after my food orgy and i went to sleep. i think i slept for 10 hours. maybe 10.5, even. so why am i cranky? you'd think i'd be all happy with all that food and sleep... *grunt*


Blogger Kis Lee said...

mmmmmmm potato skins. yum.

Yeah, that guy sounds like a jerk. I would have just put him on ignore. Then again, I'm just rude like that.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Quyen said...

Mmmm... Elephant Bar... I love that place! The best drink there is actually the non-alcoholic kind... I think it's called a Pineapple Something-or-Other... It's featured on the menu... SO yummy! :)

And yeah, that guy sounds like a total loser...

11:59 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Holy shit, this guy is my new fucking idol. He sounds just super studly. Can I meet him? I'll let him borrow my wife. I've never been nearly as successful in my attempts to bed the ladies. Maybe he can give me some pointers. He must know. Do you think he charges by the hour. What a champ!

1:08 PM  
Blogger grace said...

LE: yeah, my eyes were pretty glazed over from the food. whatever. next time i think steve will have to go by himself... heh. especially if the next meeting is less than a year away.

Q: what does "non-alcoholic drinks" mean?

M: i'm sure he'd be more than happy to talk chicks with you... ESPECIALLY if you lend him nina :P

2:10 PM  

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