skanks at the gym...

what is up with those girls at the gym?

i don't give a fuck what you wear, but at least WORK OUT.

i work out near a university, but there is never really any eye candy there. it's mostly older people hoping that there will be eye candy at the gym near the university. i'm sure the good looking kids get creeped out and find a new gym to go to.

at any rate, last night, i was there, trying to get back on track. about 10 minutes before i'm going to leave, i see this girl. she's .... young. i don't know how old. i'm guessing 18ish? i'm really bad at guessing ages.

she's got a nice body. not muscley, but slim enough with nice curves. she's wearing a fairly short top (so anytime she lifts her arms up, her entire torso is showing) and these skintight pants. but they're not like regular spandex. these are made out of thin, thin, thin material. so thin, you can see her cellulite. it's not a whole lot, but it's there and it's obvious.

she gets on that machine that you kneel on and do those dips and pull-ups on. she puts the weight on so heavy that it weighs as much as she does. and does 4 dips. i know this because the machine i was on was facing her ass.

she'd do one dip, stop, look around, make eye contact with someone and stare at them and smile. do another one, stop, look around, make eye contact, smile... all 4 times. she got off the machine and just stood there.

then this older guy (not for me, but for her) just stared at her. she smiled, bent over for him and started stretching and was looking back at him and smiling... and he wasn't even cute. good god.

i started thinking maybe there was a hidden camera somewhere... or maybe she's practicing to become a stripper or something. or maybe they were dating and they were doing that thing like they were pretending like they didn't know each other.

i don't know. at any rate, i hate it when girls go to the gym and they don't sweat. they get on a bike for 5 minutes and go 55rpm. go to a machine, do 4 reps. and just stand there... why go? go to a bar and pick up on guys. don't stand there when i'm trying to use the machine and then tell me, "oh, i'm using this," because a buff college guy is on the next machine.

alternately, i hate it when guys go to the gym and stare at you. that's just creepy.


Blogger Kis Lee said...

well, those guys stare at you becaus of girls like that. they figure since some girls like the attention, maybe we all do.

i don't like going to the gym by myself. the nearest gym is a total market. i just want to be left alone. when i do go to the gym, i wear a hat and act very anti-social.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

I'm afraid I must admit that the gym used to be one of my "pick-up" spots. Now the pitiful thing is I never actually met anyone there but trust I did plenty of posing and smiling--not in a skanky way mind you. I personally thought it was more "come hither" than anything else. ;)

3:08 PM  
Blogger Quyen said...

I used to go to the gym to look pretty when I was like 16 y/o... then my metabolism slowed down and I was like, "Fuck! Now I really do have to work out!" :P

3:53 PM  
Blogger Mel Mega said...

Good lord, I have the same issues!! I am sweating my ass off with no makeup on and in my own little world. Then these girls come in to "work out" and hog the machines...for about 5 1/2 minutes. Then they pose and look around and walk around and pose. Lather, rinse, repeat. Hate the gym skanks. HATE.

5:47 PM  
Blogger chris said...

Well, the reason guys stare at you at the gym...its not necessarily because of girls like that. Its because we're guys! We stare. Its what we do. Creepy sometimes, yes. We can't help it. We're just made that way. Ha!

Hey, I moved. Again. www.lateshow.org

9:11 AM  
Blogger grace said...

i'm glad i'm the only hater around here :P

and AS: i am NOT buying your story. yeah, right! not posing in a skanky way :P hehehe

12:31 PM  

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