Coffee and Cigarettes *EDIT*

jim jarmusch. what a great director. this has got to be one of the better flicks i've seen in a long time.

coffee and cigarettes is a compilation of short stories. the characters get together over coffee... and well, cigarettes... yeah. anyway...

tom waits and iggy pop are just genius.

"it's okay to start smoking again once you've quit because, well... you've quit!"

i also like cate blanchett a lot. she plays 2 cousins. one is punk rock and the other is a smug actress....

the gza, rza, bill murray skit is great, as well.

there are some recurring themes in the flick... how coffee and cigarettes make unhealthy meals, nikola tesla, making caffeine pops out of frozen coffee and popsicle sticks... it's all shot in black and white, but each short story is distinct.. they all have a familiar, yet different feel... it's just gorgeous.

at any rate, i thought this flick was fantastic.

*steve just emailed me this interesting little tidbit: did you realize that coffee and cigarettes was compiled over like the last two decades? that was the most amazing part about it for me, that he made it feel like such a complete whole with recurring themes even though it was so long in the making. like the cinque & joie lee & buscemi segment, that was done around the time of mystery train ('89), benigni and wright was '86, iggy and tom '93, etc.*


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