what a shpadoinkle day.

if everyone would just do their goddamned jobs like they're supposed to, i wouldn't need to show up here at work at 7 fucking o'clock in the morning.

fuck. i'm getting screwed over here... i've already spent a good... say, 20 minutes screaming at people... and it's not getting me anywhere... the first 10 minutes before that were spent being nice, so neither tactic worked...

my boss had to go to a major vendor today... even though it's the end of the fiscal half... if he were here making the calls instead of me, everyone would be jumping to do his bidding and licking his balls as they were doing it. i am unbelievably pissed today.


Blogger Anon said...

Damn girl, crack that whip!!!
What the heck do you do anyway? I'd give my left leg to get up on my desk and scream at my co-workers! haha! ~J

7:44 AM  

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