goddamn, i'm tired....

i had another weird person on the plane trip back. last time i had the mute guy. this time, i was on the aisle and i requested a blanket. the guy came over to give me a blanket and as he put it out for me to grab, the lady on the other aisle seat grabbed it out of his hand, ripped it open and used it...

the "inflight crew member" and i just looked at each other with that "wtf???" look on our faces... and then he apologizes and tells me that the blanket she just took was the last blanket on the flight. fucking whore.

weird shit only happens to me when i'm alone... when steve's with me, nothing ever happens. what's up with that? it must be because steve looks like such a bad ass, no one wants to fuck with me... :P


Blogger J. said...

On my recent plane ride, the girl next to me took TWO blankets (one was intended for me), shoved one under ass (like a booster seat?) and unfolded the other one. It was freakin' weird.

3:38 PM  

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