steve and i were talking at lunch before we fell asleep for our lunchtime nap...

and we were talking about being drunk and getting embarrassed when someone's drunk. he always claims that he's not embarrassed when i'm drunk making an asshole out of myself. i think he's lying. he never acts embarrassed, though. and he never tells me to shut the fuck up or anything. well, he'd never use those words. he almost never curses... and he NEVER curses at me.

at any rate, i dated a guy for a while. he was a chef. nice enough guy. an only child. he was kind of needy. i cheated on Psycho with him. he was cute in a blonde hair, blue-eyed sorta way... (since then, i got into my geek-guy phase and then my latin-boy phase...)

he moved to portland and i went to visit him. by this time, we weren't REALLY dating anymore (i wasn't about to have a long distance relationship... plus i was dating a ton of other guys at the same time).

i proceeded to get a tad drunk. not COMPLETELY shitfaced, but i had a pretty good buzz going on. he was SO embarrassed.

and he was always telling me he loved me and trying to get me to tell him that i loved him. if he loved me, wouldn't he love me for who i was, even if i wasn't "cool" after a few drinks? so i get a little silly. so fucking sue me. jeezus.

and then he got all mad when he mentioned he might move back down to so. cal. and i wasn't exactly thrilled. what the fuck did he want me to do? jump up and down like a little school girl? i just told him that i didn't want him to move down for me. i told him that i didn't think we'd stay together, even if we started dating again. and i told him i wasn't ready to date anyone exclusively. boy, he was pissed. what, he thought we were getting married?

whatever. what a girl... :P

in his defense, though, i screwed him over a little bit. before all this, he was moving back from the east coast, and we'd been talking a lot... he was supposed to spend some time with me before he moved up to the northwest. but then a boyfriend came into the picture... and this boyfriend needed to stay with me for a bit... so i had to 'fess up to chefboy that he couldn't come and see me. oops. heh. but at the same time, i think he just liked me more than i liked him... or, maybe he just wanted more from me than i could give him at the time... but, in my defense, i didn't really owe him anything.... so there.

and he never did cook for me. that rat bastard.


Blogger Mike said...

Nice move on your part. Those are tow deal-breakers right there.

If your boyfriend has a trade, he should offer up his abilities to you, if only to impress you and get some nookie.

If he can't handle you acting like an ass when you're drunk then he's not a keeper anyway. Believe me, Nina's had to tolerate some pretty assholish behavior in my innebriated state.

9:05 AM  

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