New York, New York

arrived at JFK at 11:55PM... i sat next to a guy who was... maybe mute. i don't know what the PC term for it is. he kept on poking me and pointing at shit like he wanted me to do shit. like push the button for the stewardess. (i'm sorry... what are they now? flight attendants?) and he'd hand me his trash and take up the whole arm rest and go to sleep... i was like, what the fuck? i just kept looking at him and telling him no... and other times i'd have to wake him up to tell him no. it was a bad sitch all the way around.

i wouldn't have minded helping him, if say maybe he wrote me a note to explain his situation or something, but he's just expecting special treatment. for all i know, he could just be lazy or a chauvinist.

on the upside, the babies on the flight were really quiet... they cried a little, but it wasn't bad at all.

i watched the Iron Chef for maybe the second time ever. i LOVE that show. and yesterday's theme food was.... wait for it... RICE! i had no idea they could do such creative things with rice. man, i love rice. the iron chef won.

johnny was nice enough to pick me up after work... (thanks, johnny!!! you're the best!)

we went drinking... he took me to ... i think it's palisades park or something. it was like a mini-korea town. except for the bar we went to. i think it used to have jagermeister on tap. no. seriously. also, i think NJ is the last state that allows smoking in bars. had a couple vodka tonics.

lemme tell you something about johnny. he may be indian, but he's more korean than i am. we're sitting in the bar and he's busting out with korean words ... it was great! we could talk smack about people... ahhh... 'twas the best. hehe... i mean, it wasn't like complete sentences, but enough so i knew what he was talking about and no one else did. heh.

oh, lord. i saw a girl walk out of the restroom without washing her hands. i walked out and said to johnny, "oh, lord. we need to leave. i just saw a girl walk out of the restrom without washing her hands" that's just WRONG. he told me at his work, there's a sign that says: you have a moral and legal obligation to wash your hands before returning to work.

i need that sign for our restroom at work. dirty beeeyaches.

we were going to go to another bar, but then i got sidetracked by pizza. oh, gawd, i LOVE the pizza in NY. someone said that the water in CA is different and that's why we don't get NY pizza. whatever. it's a travesty.

if i were a millionaire, i'd fly to NY at least once a week to get me some pizza... i tried this ziti pizza. yeah. it had ziti on top. dr. atkins is rolling over in his grave as i type. it was good, but not as good as just plain cheese pizza. i ate most of johnny's pizza, too. (thanks, johnny!!! you're the best!)

waiting for johnny to get out of the shower so i can hang out with my friend donna...

johnny said i smell like a girl. yay! i don't smell like a disgusting little monkey! i'm delirious. i've been up since 9:30 AM, EST. we went to bed a little after 5. it's now 11:something. i don't think i'm making any sense... *yawn*


Blogger David said...

I love rice too! But wait a minute, Jonny's the best? I thought I was?
And how does a girl smell?
Anyway, I forgot you were traveling today, I was wondering how come nobody was blogging. I was lonely at work with no one's life to read about.

Anyway, I'll be lost for a while. Enjoy NY and its Pizza!

(Great now I want pizza!)

11:57 AM  
Blogger Mel Mega said...

Sounds like you are having fun! I hear ya on the hand-wahing thing. Ew. I always rat out girls that don't wash their hands in the bathroom. Hee hee...Congrats on not smelling like a dirty little monkey! That is very important!

4:22 PM  
Blogger julia said...

aww.. i miss you! luck bitch.. i wish i could have gone =)

darnit, i should have had you bring me over some NY bagels. my friend becca keeps going on and on about how great they are.

11:07 AM  
Blogger grace said...

fuck the bagels. i heart the pizza... i wish i could've had MORE...

1:16 PM  

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