mind your own goddamned business

yesterday, i had to go to the credit department....

this department is seriously lazy. they don't do shit unless you stalk them. they don't check voicemails or emails. i can send an email and put a return receipt on it and they'll say, "oh, i didn't get anything!" and 5 minutes later, i'll get a message saying that they received it.

this is most evident at month end... month end is always really busy... but, they still don't check shit. i can send something at 8AM and they won't check it until 11AM, unless i go over there and tell them that i sent them an email. and when i go over there, they try to tell me that i didn't send them anything. then i tell them that i'll resend it... and 5 mins later, i'll get a return receipt and then they'll tell me that the second one came through okay. and then i'll tell them, "I DIDN'T SEND YOU A SECOND EMAIL."

at any rate, they're never working. i may fuck around a lot at work, but i get my shit done. and i will show up early if i need to and i will work late when i need to. they are here for exactly 8.5 hours. and they always take their 15 minute breaks. although, most of the time it stretches out to 30+ minutes.

i do more work than 5 people over there in that department. they're just a bunch of fucking whiners. whenever i go over there, the guy i need to talk to is never at his desk. i'll call him T. for Turd.

T is either socializing with someone in another cube, in the restroom, or at lunch. it could be 3pm and he'll be at lunch. 11am? at lunch. i have no fucking idea when he's in the office. i have to walk over there multiple times a day to babysit him. and he and his stupid boss (i'll call him J. for Jackass) come over and ask my boss to take them out to dinner or lunch... he should take them out for doing their job? what the fuck... they always act like they're going above the call of duty, when in reality, they're barely doing enough of their job to keep it.

i got off topic... i am so annoyed right now...

oh yeah. so yesterday, i go over to talk to T regarding Customer X's credit line. (by the way, this is not even my job. i don't get paid for doing this bullshit. the sales guy does. yay! i get fucked in the ass again!) he's arguing with me and arguing with me... so i say, "look, let's talk to J... maybe he will just let the product go without a payment since this IS the end of the fiscal half and all."

so we're waiting. while we're waiting, he starts asking me about my marriage. now, i understand he's just trying to make conversation, but it's none of his fucking business.

T: you've been married for a while now...
G: yeah... almost 2 years...
T: well, it's about time you start having kids now, right?
G: *blank stare*
T: isn't it?
G: uhm... it's not really any of your business
T: yeah, that's true...
G: i'd rather not talk about it
T: well, i guess it'll happen when it happens
G: *blank stare* (thinking to myself - just because we're breeders doesn't mean that we should be allowed to have accidents...) uh. yeah. look. i'm going to go back to my desk. please call me when J's done fraternizing over there. thanks. *walks away very quickly*

i didn't say anything to him because i didn't think he would understand. he's fairly dim-witted. it's unbelievable. also, he likes to put up pics of W all over his cubicle. if i didn't know any better, i'd think he had a crush on him. he just assumes that everyone's a republican. i don't say anything to him because i do NOT discuss politics or religion with people at work.

one time at work, this lady (i'll call her S for Stupid) found out that i *gasp* wasn't republican! she started verbally attacking me. so i told her (i've found that most republicans hate this), "you're not a republican. you're libertarian. you've got liberal viewpoints, but you're conservative with your money. you're libertarian. okay?" boy, she got so mad. her face was all red... and i was enjoying myself immensely. and then...

S: you know what? if you don't like it ("it" being the fact that orange county is the GOP capital of kahl-ee-for-ni-a), you can just get out. (and she was really pissed, by the way, she wasn't kidding.)
G: oooookay...
S: no, i'm serious, just get out! (her voice is loud and shrill by this time... attracting a crowd)
G: *condescending smile* oooookay....

i swear i will never talk about politics again. same goes for religion. hell, steve and i don't even talk about that stuff at home. every once in a while, he likes to make a snarky comment to get me riled up, but nothing other than that.


Blogger Quyen said...

I swear... people are just so damned nosey! And you're right... What's worse than a lazy-ass worker? A whole department of lazy-ass workers :P

9:49 AM  
Blogger David said...

Yeah I know. I was already told not to express my polital views so much. That is because of the last post in my blog.

So republicans can tell the world they are proud but liberals have to stay shut? Fuck that shit. K04!

9:51 AM  
Blogger grace said...

Q! good to have you back.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Nina said...

You need a new job. Just reading how frustrated you are makes me want to go on a stapler attack at your office. What do you say? Do you need me to come shoot some people full of office supplies?

10:35 AM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

jeezus! Does S realize that she lives in a blue state? OC may be a Republican county, but California is generally a Dem state. if she doesn't like it, she should move to TX or the deep south. Stupid bitch.

As for T, wtf? I admire you for not stabbing him in the eye with a pencil. The audacity of asking you personal questions.

10:57 AM  
Blogger David said...

I just noticed we all get so violent while we read this blog. I guess that explains a lot the GRRRRRR....

12:56 PM  
Blogger cat said...

Two years!! What the hell?! What are you waiting for, girl? The world might come to and end if you don't start producing republican-minded-god-fearing offspring right at THIS MOMENT! You would let the world fall apart because you're too selfish to do your married duty?

Sheesh, what's the world coming too!

(all said with a large dose of sarcasm and a huge smile!!! hell, I hate children and I think people should be tested for intelligence before they are allowed to reproduce! Get a puppy!)

5:57 PM  

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