Happy Birfday, Joe.

Above is my cousin, Joe, whose life was tragically taken from him.

Today's his 28th birthday and I think I'll have a couple of shots for the both of us.
I'm going to NY tonight to party. I think he'd approve.

This song was written by my cousin, Ben, after Joe passed away. Ben writes good music. I wanted to post an mp3 or something, but I wasn't smart enough to do it... ack. If anyone wants to help me out and tell me, the help would be much appreciated...

The Possibility of Everything

Everyday you wake up thinking everything is not so bad
You think you're doing fine, you think you got the time
The world is not ideal, the consolation of philosophy
Is enough to make it right, outside the sun is shinin'

Life seems so good, can do anything
And you get what you wanted
And I can't believe in all the possibilities
The wonder of everything

The moment has meaning

Suddenly without a sign, the world has turned upside down
And there's no reason why, everything's a lie
'Cause somebody's gone, can't do anything
And you lose what you needed
And now there's no more me and you
I never realized this is the wonder of everything

Somebody's gone, can't do anything
O there's no consolation
'Cause now there's no more me and you
How can I feel alive, how much you tempered the suffering

Somebody's gone, but never will leave
You live in the memory
The beauty of you remains to make me realize, realize
The wonder of everything, the possibility of everything

I don't know if we live again, it's a possibility... maybe.

Joe... Still love you. Still miss you.

*boy, feels like the last few posts have been big ol' sob stories... sorry!*


Blogger Kis Lee said...

enjoy your time in NY. I'm sure that Joe would want that.

(sorry, i have no idea how to post an mp3.)

9:45 AM  
Blogger David said...

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10:25 AM  
Blogger Anon said...

Beautiful song. Can't wait to listen to it if you post. ~J

11:13 AM  
Blogger David said...

I can help with the AUDIO. Send it to davidq@gmail.com and then post this address in your blog:


11:16 AM  
Blogger julia said...


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