January 10, 2004

on this date, last year, we got a little bunny that we named monkey. poor thing fit in the palm of my hand... oh... she was just too cute... *sigh*

anyway, the only thing i can really remember from that sunday was that it was like 90 fucking degrees out. when's it going to stop fucking raining already??? i know, we're spoiled living out in so. cal. i mean, it almost never rains... but we pay a premium to live here... and for god to give us as much rain as he gives the rest of the country??? well, that's just wrong.

i'm going to do like the city of pasadena and promise to go to church if he makes it stop raining... anyone else hear that crazy ass story? the fucking city of pasadena made a deal with god... they will never hold the rose parade on a sunday, if he gives them clear skies. apparently, it hasn't rained on the day of the rose parade in 50 years. and next year, jan 1 falls on a sunday. so, i guess they're having it on monday.

it's something about leaving the sunday open for people to go to church or whatever... and for some reason, THAT SHIT MAKES ME LIVID. THIS WHOLE MAKING A DEAL WITH GOD IRRITATES THE FUCK OUT OF ME. it really, really does.

if god can be bargained with, well, then gosh darn it, i want $100,000,000 and happiness for all those who deserve it (i get to choose)... oh. and a model ready body (including the height) ... without having to try. then i could eat whatever i want. woohoo! what else do i want? lots of happiness and joy and money and everything my blogger buddies could want...

if i get that, i will go to church every sunday. every soul counts, right?

steve thinks that won't work because i don't really mean it. of course i do! i'm going to tell him right now, even.

dear god,
i totally mean it.


Blogger Ian said...

You're fooling yourself. I once made a deal with God to rob the Westpac bank in Melbourne city. Right after we did it, he ratted me out to the cops and made off with the loot himself...

4:08 PM  
Blogger grace said...

*shakes fist to the heavens*

4:30 PM  
Blogger peachy said...

People always try to "make up" with God during a disaster. The funny thing is, they've had X years to make up with God and they chose not to. Sorry folks, it's too late. :)

I also am interested in the statistics of those that make the promises and stick with it vs. those that don't. Again, God saved them, and they are back to their old tricks. Talk about hypocritical. hee hee.

You're all going to hell!

7:21 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

In a handbasket...

8:28 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Peachy and Ian reminded me of a great t-shirt I had in college, "Hey, where are we going? ...and why am I in this handbasket??" (I wonder where that went?) I always wondered about deal making with god, just seems to be similar to what Groucho Marx said about a club that would have him as a member, would you want to pray to a god who made deals with just anybody?

2:53 PM  

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