so, this is the first year that it just didn't SUCK ASS. thank god.

wednesday night, went out with a girl, donna. no, not THAT way. pervs. we work together. no, not THAT way, either... damn, i just can't win here...

at any rate, i call her DD (pronounced 'double d', not dee-dee) because of her initials, not because of her boob size. good god, this whole post is going to turn out sounding dirty, isn't it?

anyway, we went to N9ne steakhouse at the palms. n9ne is owned by morton's son... of morton steakhouse fame. went to the ghostbar afterwards. the ghostbar was kind of overrated. then again, we left when it really started getting going. we headed to the red square. god bless vodka. the red square's gotta have just about every vodka known to man... with the exception of popov. heck, they may even have popov... who knows??? at any rate, i love that place. it's kind of tradition where every night before we go to bed, we end up there. hang out, drink good vodka and meet other people that my boss knows from years and years back.

the next night, i went to dinner with my cousin and some of his co-workers at the paris hotel. it was nice to see him. we're always talking about actually getting to see each other at one of the shows, but this was the first year we actually got to do it. dinner sucked, but the company was good... afterwards, i went to the red square again... hung out with the boss... called DD.... and all this shit happened that i don't feel like getting into. we ended up at the rumjungle. which, despite it's emptiness was still pretty fun. wherever we went, boys were just following us around and flirting, though. boy, steve's lucky they weren't cute! :P hehe... just kidding, baby.

i've been doing this thing lately... you know, that girl thing... whenever i get a compliment, i turn it around and make it sound like they're insulting me... i do it for my amusement, basically... but instead of getting flustered and going away, the boys try harder... which is even more amusing.

boy: you guys are just like normal girls with good personalities!
me: uhm... so, you mean we're ugly.
boy: no. i meant that you're like the girl next door
me: so, we're plain, but we're kinda funny, so it's okay.
boy: no. you guys are beautiful!
me: now you're just saying that because you want to get in one of our pants.
boy: well...
me: so, you think that we're easy because we're ugly and we should just take what we can get?
boy: no! i'm trying to say that you guys are really cool because you have great personalities and you're beautiful.
me: so, a girl can't be cute and be funny, too? that's kinda fucked up.
boy: well, it's just that in my experience...
me: your experience? how old ARE you?
boy: 23... how old are you?
me: 35.
boy: .... seriously? i thought you were like 22.
me: why, thank you.
boy: you're trying to scare me off by telling me that you're way older than you are!
me: all right, you got me.
boy: because that wouldn't have scared me off...
me: by the way, i'm married.
boy: that's okay.
me: for who?
boy: ...
me: you know that ad where they say, "what happens in vegas stays in vegas?"
boy: (eyes light up) yeah?
me: it's just a fucking ad.

anyway, it was still a fun time... and i realized something. i'm getting soft in my old age. i very rarely go out with my girlfriends anymore. mostly because i don't have that many left and they all live far away. so whenever i do go out, it's with steve. and no one hits on me. so... when boys hit on me now, i actually talk back to them... before, i used to tell them to, "fuck off." or "i'm not interested." or "go away, asshole." but now i'm actually cordial. what the fuck happened? sheesh.

anyway, that was my time in vegas. no debauchery to report, unfortunately... just worked my ass off... slept for 2 hours on thursday night. had to get back to work on friday morning. it was fucking snowing in vegas on friday morning. it was insane! and the drive back was horrendous. but we're all back, safe and sound now.


Blogger Anon said...

That whole freakin' conversation cracked my ass up. Brilliance! :)

1:59 PM  
Blogger J. said...

Wow. You've been a busy little blogger over here, haven't you?

Guys are hilarious when they're trying to hit on you. It just amazes me the things they'll say.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

I am never going to talk to a girl in a bar ever again after reading that...

4:05 PM  
Blogger grace said...

j: yeah... the shit i say when i'm drunk.

jeanette: i've been going through withdrawls. i feel much better now :P

ian: i'm sure you don't have lame-o lines, though... or do you? at any rate, i was drunk. (i love that excuse)

4:29 PM  
Blogger giest said...

The last lines of that conversation were the best! Laughed my ass off. Would loved to have seen his face.

7:27 AM  

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