they're crazy.

i think they got this all wrong. i don't explain myself well at all! and i'm most certainly NOT an elegant speaker. hrm...

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.


Blogger Veronica said...

Hello chica! :o) I was looking forward to reading about Vegas, darnit! Get to bloggin' girl! Heh... I'm semi-caught up with your vida loca. I got to see Steve's beard. For some reason the pic wasn't showing on my home computer. Hmm...not bad! I'm looking forward to grabbin' some buns now! hehehe Oh wait! He shaved it, right?

I'm gonna have to check out this test now. I want it to tell me I'm an elegant speaker. Shoot! If no one else will tell me hopefully the little William Shakespeare guy will.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

I have Linguistic Intelligence too.

I have inteligence...?

12:41 PM  
Blogger grace said...

v: i'm sure shakespeare will tell you the same thing...

ian: i'm not surprised at all. nor was i surprised that the person i got the quiz from had the same thing you did. i think they screwed mine up, though.

4:26 PM  

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