great new music

saturday night on the way up and back from lake arrowhead village and on our way to LA and back we listened to:

de la soul's new album dropped 10/5. it's really good... unfortunately, on the way back down, i fell asleep partway through the album because i was getting car sick. i may have to give it another spin...

New Danger came out 10/12. i liked it. if you're expecting a mos def album, though, don't get this one. it's very different in feel from his first solo album, black on both sides and his albums with talib kweli as black star. steve says they should've labeled this album, "The Black Jack Johnson Album." i wouldn't know. i am not sure i know any songs by jack johnson.

*edit from steve: black jack johnson is the name of mos def's band with member of living colour, that's why i said they should have just called it that instead of mos def because it's mostly them on there anyway. calling it a mos def album is false advertising to me. i don't know anything about that other jack johnson either.*

still listening to this one... came out on 10/19. progressive house bliss, of course. wouldn't expect anything less from dj sander kleinenberg. also, he makes me swoon. ignore this stupid cover art. he's a hottie. no, really. he is.


Blogger Angelina said...

I will have to check out these albums--I'm so BORED of my current selection.

And, yums, that guy IS hot. DJs may be notoriously ugly, but I think Sasha is HOT too...mmmmm, side of sasha. Side, front, back....of sasha. mmmmmmm, sasha. Jesus, I usually reserve this kind of enthusiasm for food.

12:36 PM  
Blogger grace said...

i know what you mean about food... mm mmm mmmm! it's one of my very fave things...

food, sex, sleep... not necessarily in that order...

4:36 PM  

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