white chicks

saw that flick white chicks last night.

i'm not sure if i was amazed or repulsed at the wayans' brothers' transformations into very blonde, very white girls...

yeah... it definitely had some funny moments... but there weren't that many... but the funny moments were very, very funny.

sometimes, they just dragged a joke on for waaaay too long... a couple of times, i thought about getting up and doing something else. but we have a projector and when the projector's on... well, it's like a moth to a flame. i can't get up. the movie has to suck some serious balls for me to get up and walk away...

and why does terry crews always play the big, thuggish, freaky, scary dude in movies???? talk about typecasting. the funniest parts were of him, though... like when he accidentally takes some E (i'm guessing.. or some other type of feel good drug) and he's all dancing with his shirt off like he's at a rave.. with the whistle and glowsticks. good god. i'm giggling just thinking about it. come to think of it, that scene is worth the price of a rental. oh, wait. we have netflix. it's definitely worth the rent.


Blogger David said...

Yeah White Chicks was pretty good, but Starsky and Hutch was better!

9:01 PM  
Blogger grace said...

yeah, baby. projectors are the only way to go. i don't know what we ever did without it.

11:24 AM  

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