this morning on the way to work, i spotted a red miata with 2 stickers on it endorsing the bush/cheney ticket. it was on the plastic "window" part of the car... so it already looked stupid...

but much to my surprise, instead of just the W~'04 stickers i'm so used to seeing here, it said W~ is for Women '04.

i don't know, but that sticker just rubbed me the wrong way. and not that kind of wrong way... because that's really the right way... i think you know what i mean....

at any rate, i tried really hard to pull up next to her and scream, "Why??? WHY???? are you just voting republican because you're a republican? have you thought about what 4 more years of W will do for us????"

luckily, steve and i didn't carpool today so i could drive like a fucking maniac in the rain... but, unfortunately, i didn't get to her before my left-hand turn. d'oh! and i was so damned close, too.


Blogger Anon said...

Oh man... I would have sped up & flipped her off.
A miata? A W sticker? Who does she think she is?!!
If I see someone with a "W" sticker today, I'll flip 'em off for you Grace. :)

6:14 AM  
Blogger David said...

If W wins I'll pledge alliance to Canada!
I'm too young to be part of a draft.

"O Canada, Our home and..." LOL

3:16 PM  

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