open letter to allfoggedin

some creep with the yahoo handle allfoggedin IM'ed me today.

he claimed to be Psycho. maybe he is, maybe he's not. whatever. creep. i had to put him on ignore. jackass.

seeing the horrible spelling, though, i'm going to assume that it's him. he spelled interfere: interfear. fuck. have i mentioned how much i hate misspelled words? ignorant ass.

at any rate, apparently, he's been reading my blog... and he said something about how he would never try to interfear [sic] with my life.

so psycho, this note is for you...

if you're not trying to interfere with my life, why even bother to IM me? to see if you could still get a reaction? yeah, you got one. i got that sweet taste in my mouth... the one that comes right before you vomit.

if you have even a shred of human decency in you, do NOT ever try to contact me again, whether over email, IM, telephone, in person, or any other method i may have missed. if you ever see me in public, do NOT approach me. i will not be nice. i won't even be civil. remember how you told me how hui-lin used to freak out when she saw you? yeah. it'll be like that. and if you do try to approach me in public, i will request a restraining order against you. and this time your older brother will not be able to stop me.

when i tried to get a restraining order all those years ago, your brother begged and pleaded your case for you... and because i was nice, i decided against it. this time around, i won't care.

who do you think you are? how dare you even think you can approach me? after all that you put me through, how dare you think i even want to hear your "side" of the story... whatever side that might be? or your apologies or your well wishes. you think you're being nice ... you're being the better person... please. spare me. i don't want to hear from you, period.

i can hear you right now... telling your friends, "oh... man... i don't know why i always end up dating the psycho girls... i tried to wish her well. i tried to say all this stuff and she was a bitch to me and put me on her ignore list... she's so immature..."

do you really believe that the girls you are dating are psycho???? with a track record like yours, you'd have to be in DENIAL or completely blind to not see that maybe you are the one with the problem. it's not us. it's you. get that in your head.

so, i'm being nice right now. i am being civil. please do not in any way, shape, or form try to contact me ever again. while i'm at it, let me include my family and friends, you know who they are. trust me. none of them want to hear from you. i'll even say thank you in advance.

thank you.


Blogger Nina said...

I knew I should of got on IM today. I'm sorry that happened. It sounds like you have it under control though. No matter what I got you back.:)

4:59 PM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

ugh, what a horrible situation. hopefully he'll get the hint and stay away.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Yay for you for strappin' on those artificial femme balls! You're a strong woman, you don't need anyone coming around and trying to screw with your mind.

Those ingrates always realize what they had when it's too late!

10:45 AM  
Blogger julia said...

very nicely written gracie.. hope that fuckin' bastard leaves you alone. and if it isn't him and it's one of his loser friends who thinks it would be funny to joke: get the dick out of your mouth because we don't need anymore cocksuckers.

sorry, i'm usually not this vulgar.. but i hate Psycho for all the shit he put my best girlfriend through.

fuckin' moron. i'll kick his ass if you want me to. =P

10:48 AM  

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