bored... shitless... blah...

i've got to, got to, got to, got to, got to remember to fill out my absentee ballot...

i don't know whether to vote for that guy sukhee kang. (yes, it's a guy, and no, much to my disappointment, it's not pronounced "sucky").... hrm... i know he's my people and all, but i think he may be a repub. then again, when the fuck have i ever cared about my people? i think i'm going to have to NOT vote for his ass.

i know steve's voting for him. not because he's a repub or my people, but because there was a picture of him with his family and he has a daughter who's fairly cute. all of a sudden, he loves sukhee...

nomilk had the marriage rights site on his blog. i've been trying to watch that ad for a good 15 minutes now. GOD, why does quicktime HATE me????

since tuesday, i have not shown up at work earlier than 9:45. i love not having a boss here.

hump day has come and gone. sadly, no humps for me. that's okay. i'm too tired for that, anyway. i'm still recovering from the weekend. detox is a bitch.

speaking of last weekend, for the record, i just wanted to say, i'm not that small! i just look little because steve's like the jolly green giant. he's 6'2". and well-built (in more ways than one *wink*wink*)

damn, i'm bored. and i'm tired...today at lunch we're going to watch LOST. woohoo! i still think matthew fox is a hot piece of ass.

last night, we watched the first episode of battlestar galactica. the new one. not the old one. and the actual series, not the mini-series that aired december 2003. we have the box set for the old one... i think i may have only watched a couple of those. i liked the cheesiness of it all. heh... but the new one? it's kinda cool... slick production... hot cylon chick... what more could you want?

yes, i know the first episode's not until january 2005... i love steve's voodoo magic.

but why they always gotta make the asians the evil ones? damn it. whatever. it's true. we're evil. i'll admit it. don't trust us, man. we'll hurt you.

ah, finally watched that ad called "piercing"... pretty cool...


Blogger Kis Lee said...

I've seen the Sukhee signs somewhere in OC. They go crazy with the political signs in OC, especially the Westminster area. what's up with that? I don't see as many in LA county.

One benefit of dating a tall man is that it makes you look more dainty. My boyfriend is 6'3'' and he makes me look little. No complaints from me.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Mel Mega said...

I don't care what you say! YOU'RE LITTLE, I KNOW IT!!

4:57 PM  
Blogger grace said...

i'm 5'2" goddamnit! 5'2"!!! i'm not little :( okay. i'm nowhere near supermodel height or anything... but i think that official midget height is like 4'8" or something!

5:35 PM  
Blogger Kis Lee said...

5'2'' is not short. It's petite, dammit!!

I'm 5'1'' without shoes, and i'm no midget (no offense to them).

6:28 PM  

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