i don't give a fuck about baseball

this lady that sits near me just can't contain her excitement. she watches baseball on her computer all fucking day long...

all i hear is:

yes! yes! yes!
no! no! no!
and they score another run! yes!!!! (and then making that annoying crowd roaring noise)
YESSSSSSSS! (with the hissy "s")
her phone ringing (this is usually right after a run was scored or someone's struck out), which coincidentally is set to the same ringtone as my phone. i changed mine for about a week, but then i decided that if it annoys or confuses her, she can change hers.

there are a couple of other little phrases, but i can't remember them right now. it's really beginning to annoy the shit out of me... she was all happy and prancing by my cubicle and i was just staring at her. and on her way back to her desk, she looked at me and asked me if i was following the games.

my response: "i don't give a fuck about baseball."

she was all mortified. first of all, she and i have never exchanged more than 2 words to each other. actually, i'm not sure i've ever said anything to her ever. second of all, i *gasp* said the "f" word... i think i'm going to hear about this from her boss. oh well... what am i going to do now? it's done... she may not say anything at all.


Blogger Kis Lee said...

Grace, you rock! I applaud you!

I don't get why so many people around here are suddenly on the Sox bandwagon. They can't all be Boston-transplants. They're more annoying than the Yankee fans.

6:47 PM  
Blogger J. said...

if she tells her boss on you, you can just nark on her ... that she watches freakin' baseball all day. umm, that's not working. (nevermind your blogging, hell, you didn't ask her if she follows your blog).

damn, one of my cats just took a dump (I'm at home)

8:01 PM  
Blogger Dr. Rob said...

Tell her that her in the UK we play a game like baseball but we call it rounders, its just for teeny girls at school.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Amber_sun said...

I feel ya' Gracie. Baseball is boring as crap.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Don't fret. Baseball season is almost over. But for the rest of the year, you can always access the MLB disabled list at http://www.betinf.com/mlb_injured.htm and start making annoying comments:

"YES!!! OH GOD YES!!! A-Rod has a torn ligament. Awesome! I hope it's career ending! Woot!"

9:47 AM  
Blogger Quyen said...

I hate baseball too... yeah... and I 2nd the suggestion to tell on her if she tells on you :P

3:24 PM  

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