seattle/vancouver b.c.

so this weekend, instead of going to the ghetto wedding from hell, steve and i are going up to seattle and vancouver b.c. for a quick jaunt.

-*-*-this is a little off the trip topic, but ... on mel's wedding channel site, no one seems too excited about the wedding... every other wedding site i've ever seen on weddingchannel.com, the bride is all excited and sappy/cheesy and gives every little detail on how they met, how he proposed, and how excited they are, etc... on their wedding website, it has about 3 lines. and she HAS to put down where the two are living... different locations... that's to throw her mom off because she LIED and told her parents they're NOT living together. they're so stupid. except, her mom knows they're living together... *shudder* their idiocy astonishes me. okay, back to the original post-*-*-

i'm excited (i actually typo'ed sexcited there...oops!) because i've never been up to seattle before.

so, here's the tentative plan...

fly up early saturday morning
have a nice lunch
check in to our hotel (perfect location -by the space needle, bumbershoot, emp- and reasonably priced!)
check out EMP
do whatever
go to dinner (destination unknown)
go to bumbershoot to see ursula rucker (she's the supa-sistah)
go to, errr, sleep... unless my neck's still fucked up. then we're just sleeping for real. heh.

go to pike place market.. will they let me catch fish there???
drive up to vancouver, bc
check in
wander about vancouver until our bebel gilberto concert
go to, uhm... sleep... again ... (above disclaimer applies)

not sure..... wander around vancouver and back to seattle until our flight late in the afternoon.

prolly going to be pretty busy... i kinda wanted to check out the wineries in washington... heard they're on the same latitudinal lines as the wine growing regions in france.... but, with the schedule the way it is, i don't think that's going to happen... i guess i'll have to go to my local BEVMO and just buy some washingtonian wine.


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