i think perhaps "C" from my previous post may have read it. hehe...

got an email from her: thanks for the pictures! and thank you & steve for dinner & coffee. i really enjoyed spending time with you guys & katie. i hope we can do it again soon. next time, my sister & i will treat. okay? hehe. and we'll drive out to where you are.

hrm... suspicious. anyway, in case she did... and she's reading my blog... and well, this is just for the record...

it wasn't about me paying and going up to LA. i was happy to do it. it was the fact that she wants me to give her some unearned respect. i love her because she's family, but i'm not about to call anyone aunt. i'm not into that whole thing, anyway. i mean, come on... aren't we in the US of A? we're cousins... even if it is second cousins.

officially, this topic has been beaten to a pulp.


Blogger Angelina said...

I LOVE "talking" to people through blogs...it's so passive aggro, and that's way my speed. On the other hand, have decided to do everything opposite, RE: boys. I'm going to totally woo this guy, I've threatened to call him daily. Do you think flowers and small gifts to his office or home?

Thing is, it's romantic if a guy does it, right? Imagine, a guy sending you flowers once a week and chocolates after he did something to piss you off....now, if a woman does it to a man, is that crazy? Psychotic? I hate double standards.


11:54 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Yeah, good thing you deleted that post where you called her a putrid unfuckable cunt.

hee hee

12:41 PM  
Blogger grace said...

angelina, go stalk him... personally, i think it's a little creepy when guys start sending gifts to the office. but, i think you should go all out. big bouquets of flowers to the office... you know with balloons and such. oh, and definitely call him EVERY DAY. twice, even.

boy, mike, you are just one instigating mother fucker. heh...

1:43 PM  

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