must be nice to be rich...

kobe buys his freedom.

i hate him. i hate the lakers.

i think i might be the only person in southern california who hates the lakers. but i do. with a passion. they're just so cocky. and their fans are so rabid. kinda like the raiders. except at least the lakers had a reason to be so goddamned arrogant.

thank god steve doesn't subject me to sports.

unlike psycho. sports have forever been tainted for me.

heaven forbid the braves should lose... or the raiders. if they did, it was time for beatdown because it was my fault. if i was watching, it was my fault for not getting into it. if i wasn't watching, it was my fault for not watching. like any of the fucking braves or raiders know who the fuck i am. anyway, yeah. i hate watching sports. i even hate playing sports video games.

sometimes steve makes me play some stupid sports games because he has to play them (he writes up game reviews for car audio and electronics mag - he's a good reviewer, everyone should get a subscription to this mag just to get his reviews.... he does mostly games, but also cds and dvds. no biases here, folks, no biases here)... anyway, i hate those damned games, but he makes me play because "i have to check out two-player mode." can't he just make it up? you play one, you've played 'em all... oh, except the baltimore ravens have that new player that got traded, blah, blah, blah. i don't give a flying fuck.

anyway, what the hell was the point of this damned rant?

oh, yeah... kobe... and how nice it must be to be filthy stinking rich. your stupid trophy wife will stay married to you even if you cheat, the girl you raped will drop the initial charges, and will settle for whatever pocket change you throw her way. well, it's pocket change to kobe, not to the girl. forget that you've completely ruined her life because sports fans are rabid and will most likely kill her now that they know her name, where she lives, where she likes to shop, what kind of music she listens to, who she banged at senior prom, and what color underwear she's wearing at this precise moment.

not to say that the stupid little girl was innocent. conniving little beeeyach. but, if he were any other black man, he would've gotten the book thrown at him, and hard, too.

i understand, he's talented, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah... he earns the millions he makes, blah, blah, blah... i don't know... i think sports stars (and pop stars and movie stars) get paid far too much for what they do. they should get paid less because they're actually doing what they love to do. i wish i could get paid millions just to sit on my ass and read because i really love to read. or get paid to get massages. that would be fabulous.

i'm going to go hang out in hollywood and have consensual sex with a movie star and claim i was raped. i'd like to make a quick million... better chances than winning the lottery, that's for sure.


Blogger Kis Lee said...

nah, you're not the only Laker hater in SoCal. I know quite a few. hey, and laker fans don't even come close to the craziness of Raider fans.

4:04 PM  
Blogger grace said...

i know. i was in the oakland airport one time on a weekend when the raiders were having a home game.

let's just say, i was frightened for my life. and i don't scare easily. :P

4:28 PM  

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