another dream...

jules and i are walking (like, speed walking... in spandex. wtf? we would never wear spandex!) and we're on a walkway by a beach. looked suspiciously like the jersey shore. oh, and it's a cloudy day.

we pass mel under a bridge - i slow down and stretch out my arms to give her a hug and she continues on and gives me the cold shoulder.

i turn around and i say really loud to julia (you know it can echo under those bridges), "damn, that's a rude ass bitch." and i'm going on and on about it...

julia is shushing me and mel turns around slowly and walks back slowly, sheepishly and gives me a hug.

hrm... maybe i should call her to wish her well on her upcoming nuptials.

or not.

i still think she shouldn't get married. she is far too immature for marriage. she just doesn't know it. which is the first indication that she shouldn't get married.

i can't hate stan because he is who he is. i mean, i can hate him for being who he is, but i can't hate him for changing mel because she chose to change. she chose to be with him.

so, i guess i won't call her. maybe i'll text message her. that apparently, is her favorite mode of commication these days... eh, fuck it. there's really no point. she and i really can't be friends like we used to be anymore because of how much she's changed...

yeah... it's for the best.


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