the girl next door

for the record, i think elisha cuthbert could possibly be the world's most overrated actress. maybe it was the content she was given to work with, but damn... all of her lines were really, really annoying in this flick... which is basically a teen boy's fantasy about a porn star moving in next door. seriously, the movie got WAY better once she had fewer lines and was just there as scenery.

the acting was pretty bad, especially elisha cuthbert's... there were some pretty funny lines. some pretty funny gags... i liked timothy olyphant as kelly, the sleazoid porn director... emile hirsch is pretty cute after about 30 minutes into the movie. he plays the outcast nerd pretty well... then again, i'm just partial to nerds and geeks. his nerd friends are funny, too.

unless you're about 15 or 16 (or pretty much any male, really... no offense) i would suggest against watching the movie... well, you could watch it if you feel like watching a dumbed down, watered down teen "comedy," but you'd have to be in the mood for it. don't expect any intelligent dialogue or moving performances from this lot.

at least i didn't waste my entire night watching it.


Blogger Tigerlil said...

She is annoying on the first 2 seasons of '24' with keifer sutherland too. SHe's just a pretty face (with bad skin) and she annoyed the hell out of me. You should get into 24. i havent seen season 3- waiting for it to come out on DVD.

5:32 PM  
Blogger grace said...

oh, okay. so she does suck ass. nice to know. :P

8:52 AM  

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