i hate it when that happens!

son of a ....

my printer wasn't working last week. i swear to god. it just wasn't working. i tried different outlets, it wasn't turning on; it was broken.

so, I/R comes up... and it just turned on. and he just looks at me with that condescending look and asks me, "did you turn it on?"

fucker. yes, i turned it on.

"did you check the different outlets?"

but the goddamned thing works now... i hate it when things break and when someone else comes by it works... i even had a second opinion last week... we could not get the damned thing to turn on.

fuck. i hate looking like a fool in front of people stupider than me. damn them. son of a whore. aw, fuck. now i'm all frustrated and shit.

i just want to go home...


Blogger Tigerlil said...

(pointing and laughing) And she thinks she's better than us all?!?! HAhahah

3:26 PM  
Blogger grace said...

well, i might not be better than everyone, but i'm sure as hell better than you :P

3:44 PM  
Blogger grace said...

what a burn :P

3:45 PM  

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