karaoke revolution

damn. i didn't unlock anymore outfits... i think i unlocked them all... maybe.

but i did unlock funny ass videos of tone deaf people singing along to the songs... there was only one girl who was actually pretty good, and even she got screwed up on the timing... funny stuff...
i have got to unlock 'ladies night.' mostly because jon lovitz in the wedding singer is so goddamned funny and every time i hear that song, i think of him singing the song and i start cracking up. if you've never watched it completely fucked up (take that how you will), that is something you must do before you die.

speaking of the wedding singer, i saw a guy with a mullet on sunday. it was unbelievable. it was the most glorious mullet i've ever seen in my life. long and blonde... i really wanted to take a picture of it, but i would've gotten caught. mullets should be banned.

and so should the other relics of the 80s - leg warmers (saw some at hollister, they were absolutely heinous), neon colors, non-functional (and large) belts, off the shoulder flashdance shirts, and did i mention the leg warmers already? seriously. wtf do you need leg warmers for? IT'S NOT COLD IN CALIFORNIA. but, i'll keep the 80s music. well, some of it... the smiths, depeche mode, shit like that. not so much broken wings by mister mister... which i had to sing last night in order to get platinum on all the stupid songs... it was awful. i wanted to die.

now i'm just going off on a friggin' tangent... but, it all came back to karaoke revolution, the greatest game in the world :P steve says i'm weird and crazy (in this case, not fun crazy. more like crazy crazy). i don't know where he gets that from.


Blogger julia said...

i can't wait to play that again.. hehe.. we'll have to get the exansion pack.

err.. do you think they have any britney spears songs? not that i'm a fan or anything.. i just like to sing her songs.. hehehe

10:39 AM  
Blogger grace said...

apparently, they've got britney on the second disc. happy happy joy joy for jules! :P

11:44 AM  

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